From Bernie Sanders Mittens to Omicron Variant; Here Are Social Media's Favorite Memes of 2021

Social media has the power to make any moment and person famous with a single click of a button. And what's a better way to do it than through a series of memes! As 2021 comes to an end, here's a round-up of famous memes that ruled the internet this year.

Bernie Sanders' Mittens:

The US Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, grabbed the limelight after he was spotted sitting grouchily during the presidential inauguration ceremony of Joe Biden in January 2021. Sitting in a stoic pose with his hands crossed wearing a mask on his face, a simple coat, Sander's oversized mittens caught internet's fancy.

Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz was not only slammed for his sudden disappearance to Mexico but also became fodder for online ridicule. In the middle of a Texan crisis, Cruz decided he to go for stress relieving vacation in Cancun.

The Weeknd's SuperBowl Show

The blinding lights from the Weeknd's SuperBowl Halftime Show could not save him from the memes being thrown his way.

When Social Media Apps Went Down

It was in March that social media giantsFacebook, Instagram and WhatsApp suddenly went down, leaving Gen Z in panic mode. However, it was Twitter that emerged winner as it remained up and running.

Ever Given Blocking Suez Canal

In March, the Suez Canal was blocked for six days after the grounding of Ever Given, a 20,000 TEU container ship. However, the images of small bulldozers being deployed to free the ship generates several memes.

Oprah's Shocked Expressions

The year 2021 brought many setbacks for the British royals including the death of Prince Philip. However, the bombshell tell-all interview of Meghan Markle with Oprah Winfrey was talk of the town. Oprah's expression when Meghan told that concerns were raised about Archie's skin color even before his birth, transformed into a joke.

Anti-Sex Beds

After being delayed for a year due to the pandemic, Tokyo Olympics saw light of the day in 2021. However, the sustainable cardboard beds installed for the players were termed as anti-sex beds.

The Delta and Omicron Variant

Just as the world was getting ready to return back to normalcy, Delta variant of the coronavirus struck. And now with Omicron variant in full swing, normalcy seems to be a distant thing.