Who is Great Londini? Is An Ex-US Marine the Real Vigilante Chasing Trolls on TikTok?

The Great Londini is one of the accounts on TikTok that has gained more than two million followers within months. The Great Londini has become a nightmare to trolls on social media platform, especially TikTok. The identity of the account holder has been kept a secret for security purposes. It has also been revealed that it is not one man fighting for justice but a group of people led by one man, working as masked vigilantes to teach a lesson to bullies and trolls.

The Great Londini is seen as a masked man wearing a black hoodie. He uses electronically distorted voice in his videos. His aim is to take social media platform [in this case, TikTok] back from bullies, paedophiles, scammers and trolls, reported BBC. He targets especially those leaving abusive comments on TikTok videos.

The Great Londini
The Great Londini Instagram

Not Just an Account, But a Movement!

Thus The Great Londini is not only an account but an online movement. BBC reported that no matter how a troll tries to hide behind fake accounts, The Great Londini can expose real identity of the troll within eight clicks. The caption team Londini follows is "you can't stop us."

After tracking down trolls, The Great Londini informs people concerned with a warning. If the troll is found to be a child, his/her parents or school will be informed about the same. If a working adult is caught as a troll, his/her employer will be informed or in some cases local cops are tipped off about the troll's abusive nature.

According to reports, so far The Great Londini has got nine accounts deleted permanently from TikTok, and one more account was suspended multiple times. Reports claim that the man behind this initiative is known as Leo [not his real name], who is said to have served as a US marine. The team uses skills of military, cyber security and ethical hacking to track down trolls. Speaking to BBC, Leo told that despite his team submitting every piece of information to TikTok, it is not doing much.

Birth of The Great Londini

The Great Londini movement was incited by the suicide of a 14-year-old autistic boy in 2020. Speaking to BBC, Leo explained that the victim was the son of his friend. The boy was said to be depressed because he was receiving too much hate on social media.

Leo and likeminded people got together and traced the accounts of those who had bullied and harassed the victim on social media. Leo shared the information with his friend, who spoke to their parents and tried to get a closure to the tragic death of his son.

This incident left a strong impression on Leo who decided to concentrate on TikTok and target bullies. However, as every movement has a flaw, some members of The Great Londini also were criticized for bullying others in their efforts to deal with trolls. Reacting to this Leo told BBC that he expels users from The Great Londini network if they break the group's rules.