Deepak Gupta - The Brains Behind Fighting Cybercrimes

Deepak Gupta

You can trust Deepak Gupta with his many years of experience when it comes to online security and protecting data privacy. He is a leading expert in cybersecurity and technology. Gupta has performed extensive research in security tools and has helped architect and develop several technology solutions and software.

Since many more businesses are going online, they are becoming even more vulnerable. Data theft and website hacking are now at an all-time high. Businesses need to act much faster to prevent data from becoming compromised and leaked from their sites.

With over a decade of experience in cybersecurity under his belt, Gupta helps entrepreneurs and companies keep their data safe from hackers by building innovative and cost-effective cybersecurity tools to protect users from unpredictable data breaches and hackers from online businesses. He has a talent for app development and providing the right and effective end-user solutions for solidifying the cybersecurity infrastructure within companies. He is totally committed to making sure data is 100% secure and safeguarding online sites from system downtime, white screen errors, and technical errors that arise due to unauthorized online remote access.

Gupta is now working with customers and businesses to understand their needs to help stop cybercrimes. At his company LoginRadius, he uses his extensive knowledge to handle cybersecurity-related situations to provide businesses with much-needed relief from unauthorized remote access into their systems, data breaches, and online office servers.

Gupta is creating more intelligence in the cybersecurity ecosystem through vigorous research on the notion of customer identity and access management (CIAM). To date, LoginRadius is the leading company for providing CIAM solutions within the overall cybersecurity structure.

Gupta has enjoyed a distinguished career and gained excellent academic credentials. He graduated with his Bachelor's in Engineering from the University of Rajasthan before completing his Master's Degree in computer science at the prestigious Illinois Institute of Technology. Gupta specialized in multiple facets of cybersecurity, including computer programming, forensics, and computer networking. He has been invited as a keynote speaker on the subject of cybersecurity at many seminars and conferences worldwide.

During an interview he said:

I built my company LoginRadius from scratch and am very pleased it has become so popular in the past couple of years, as the CIAM industry has grown in response to growing cybersecurity threats. Did you know that more than 800 million systems and online businesses were infected with malware by hackers in 2018 alone? There is no way to completely block hacking attempts, but you can at least keep your business safe by implementing the correct security measures.

When Deepak has time, he likes to read and write. He has written several books on cybersecurity, data privacy, and technology, including The Handbook of Computer Networks and Cybersecurity. His most recent articles can be found on Forbes,, CIO, and many other publications.

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