Who is Geoffrey Hinton? 'Godfather of AI' Quits Google to Talk About Dangers Posed by Artificial Intelligence

In a shocking development Geoffrey Hinton, known as the 'Father of AI', has quit Google. The key professional, who has contributed a substantial role in the development of Artificial Intelligence technology, now regrets it and warns of the dangers posed to humanity.

Hinton is the AI pioneer who laid the intellectual groundwork for the AI systems that power today's chatbots like ChatGPT. He was one of the most respected voices in the business and worked with Google for almost a decade.

Geoffrey Hinton

In an interview with a leading media house, Hinton said he has quit his job at Google so he can freely speak out about the risks of AI. He explained that a part of him regrets his life's work. He claims it is hard to see how any of us can prevent bad actors from using AI for harmful purposes. He also cleared that he did not leave Google to criticize his previous employer but to speak freely about the dangers AI poses for humanity.

About the possible threats, he said AI has generated the threat from job cuts and creating smart spambots, manipulating electorates to developing uncountable copies of incredibly smart chat applications, where each of them could be accessed by thousands of individuals. He said we are developing tools that are more intelligent and beyond our control, which is quite a dangerous thing to do. He is also worried about the kind of competition that is apparent to develop more intelligent AI than the previous one.

His deviation from his position as someone who laid the foundation of modern AI to the one who wants significant checks in place for such technology is seen as concerning. AI is being studied and developed since last century but the world has witnessed a sharp spike in its capabilities after the introduction of OpenAI's ChatGPT. Hinton was not one of the signatories demanding a pause on AI development but he concurs with the need for guardrails before developing smarter AI.

The 'Godfather of AI' Geoffrey Hinton Quits Google to talk about dangers posed by Artificial Intelligence