Who Is Elsina Khayrova? Tom Cruise Romancing 36-Year-Old Russian Socialite Who Is Ex-Wife of Diamond-Trading Oligarch and Daughter of MP

According to the Daily Mail, Khayrova is a former model and British citizen who was previously married to Russian tycoon Dmitry Tsvetkov.

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It seems that Tom Cruise might be romantically involved with a new partner. Reports suggest that the 61-year-old actor was seen cozying up with a 36-year-old Russian socialite named Elsina Khayrova at a party in London's Grosvenor Square last Saturday. Khayrova is the daughter of a prominent Russian MP and the ex-wife of a diamond-trading oligarch.

"They were inseparable – clearly a couple," one guest at the almost entirely Russian event told the Daily Mail. "He seemed to be besotted with her." Cruise and Khayrova reportedly arrived together at the event at around 9 p.m. and reportedly spent most of the night dancing in each other's company on the dance floor.

Cruising Along with His New Love

Elsina Khayrova Tom Cruise
Elsina Khayrova and Tom Cruise X

The source said a "very friendly" Cruise "kept being asked for pictures and politely declining," so the DJ "had to make an announcement in Russian" that the A-lister "didn't want any photos."

"He spent most the night dancing with Ms Khayrova, but at one point he was just throwing himself around in the middle of a group of women," the source said.

Elsina Khayrova
Elsina Khayrova X

While Tom Cruise's attire for the event remains unclear, Khayrova made a stylish entrance in a black strapless dress featuring ruffles along the sweetheart-shaped neckline and a large bejeweled bow on the bodice.

She complemented the look with black tights and matching pumps, wearing her long hair down and straight. The pair reportedly left the gathering together in the early hours of Sunday.

According to the Daily Mail, Khayrova is a former model and British citizen who was previously married to Russian tycoon Dmitry Tsvetkov.

Elsina Khayrova
Elsina Khayrova X

The former couple reportedly owned several multimillion-dollar mansions in the UK, properties in Dubai and Cyprus, and collections of cars, jewelry, and art, all worth millions.

Dating a Model and a Divorcee

The divorce between Khayrova and Tsvetkov gained significant attention in the media during the summer. Khayrova faced allegations of concealing substantial assets from her ex-husband, which reportedly included a $1 million handbag collection.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise Reuters

In 2022, she was involved in a court case where she was ordered to pay $150,000 in outstanding payments to the company that installed fountains in her Surrey home.

Khayrova's defense during the legal proceedings included the claim that her estranged husband was responsible for the alleged financial discrepancies. She reportedly claimed that he was on the "Kremlin's most-wanted list."

Meanwhile, Cruise has not been publicly associated with anyone since his divorce from his third wife, Katie Holmes, 15 years ago. However, there have been recent rumors linking him to celebrities such as Shakira and his Mission: Impossible co-star Hayley Atwell.

While Tom Cruise remains reserved about his personal relationships, the American Scientologist is known for expressing his liking for Britain. He often shares his admiration for the politeness and pleasant demeanor of the people in the country.

Elsina Khayrova
Elsina Khayrova X

The actor explained: "I guess I'm an Anglophile. I spend a lot of time in Britain and that's not just for work reasons. I just love being here."

In 2021, Tom Cruise was notably present at three high-profile events in a single day, making appearances at Goodwood, Wimbledon, and the Euros football final.

He also celebrated his 60th birthday with a party held in the Cotswolds, where guests included David Beckham, James Corden, and Gordon Ramsay.