Who is Elliot Page? After Breast Surgery, Actor Opens Up About Hiding Identity Early in Career

Elliot Page has given his first-ever interview after coming out as a transgender to the Time magazine. "I am fully who I am," he said in the interview. The American actor, who had starred in the movies Umbrella Academy and Juno expressed a sense of urgency about using the privileges of his identity to help other transgenders. During his interview with the media outlet, the actor revealed that he knew he wanted to be a boy when he was just 9 years old. However, he had to compromise his true identity in order to pursue his acting career as a child.

Page, who is now 34, has spoken out about his long struggle with his gender identity. The actor opened up about coming out as transgender and admitted that he felt it was wise to hide his genuine gender identity in order to achieve success in the Hollywood industry. Page said that he felt like a boy when he was a 9-year-old child and that he would ask his mother if he could be someday.

Page publicly came out as a transgender in December. He shot to fame while starring in the film Juno, which landed him an Oscar nomination for Best Actress and also saw him hailed as one of the brightest young stars in the film industry. Speaking to the magazine, he said: "I became a professional actor at the age of 10 and perceiving that passion came with a difficult compromise, of course, I had to look a certain way."

Elliot Page
Elliot Page says, "I am fully who I am" Instagram

The actor also talked about the pandemic's impact on accepting his gender identity and his future in acting. Elliot said that isolating during the Coronavirus pandemic gave him time to focus on his gender identity. Elliot called himself a 'guy' and also claimed that his transition is a complicated journey and an ongoing process.

Elliot Page Transformation Surgery

Elliot Page also revealed that he underwent top surgery as part of his journey as a transgender. The surgery was done to remove breast tissue to produce a more masculine appearance. He said that the transformation surgery was life-changing. "It has completely transformed my life," the actor said. The Hollywood star further highlighted that the surgery doesn't define being trans, although it gave him freedom from puberty that he referred to as "total hell." He said it allowed him to finally recognize himself when he looks in the mirror.

The "Juno" star revealed that he had already undergone the surgery when he came out in December and was in the stage of recovery.