Who is Dr. Miami? Twitter Goes into Meltdown After Plastic Surgeon Offers Penis Enlargements for $600

Dr. Miami, also known as Michael Salzehauer, took to Twitter to announce that he was offering penile extension procedures for $600.

Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Miamiis making waves on social media after offering his penile enlargement cosmetic procedures for $600.

The surgeon, whose real name is Michael Salzhauer, is a world-renowned board-certified plastic surgeon who shot to fame after posting videos of cosmetic procedures on social media. He kicked off his career with several television appearances, including reality shows, news programs and talk shows and runs his plastic surgery practice in Bay Harbor Islands, Florida.

Dr Michael Salzhauer
Dr. Miami aka Dr. Michael Salzhauer. Twitter

Salzhauer performs a number of cosmetic procedures including breast augmentations, butt lifts, penis enlargements, and tummy tucks, live and uncut to an audience of more than 800,000 viewers daily on his Snapchat.

The surgeon has worked with a long list of celebrities, including Teen Mom stars Farrah Abraham and Kailyn Lowry, and has been a featured expert in several major print publications such as The New York Times, Women's Health, People, Star, OK! Magazine and Forbes. He also had his own six-episode reality TV show on the WE TV network titled Dr. Miami, which premiered in 2017.

Twitter Users Want to Spend Their Stimulus Checks on Penis Extensions

On Tuesday, Salzhauer took to Twitter to announce that he would offer his penis extension services for $600, the same amount the latest round of stimulus checks have been approved for, and sent Twitter into a frenzy.

While some users joked about spending their stimulus checks on the procedure instead of the PlayStation 5, others could not contain their excitement over getting their penises enlarged. Here are some of the reactions:

The penis enlargement procedure involves the use of a penis implant made of soft, medical-grade silicone that adds length and girth for men dissatisfied with their size

This is not the first time Dr. Miami has been in the news over his penis enlargement surgeries, which . Salzhauer grabbed headlines in 2019 after getting his Snapchat account deleted for documenting a penis enchancement surgery.

The surgeon has caused his share of controversy over the years. He's written a children's book about plastic surgery and faced criticism from the Anti-Defamation League for commissioning a music video called "Jewcan Sam, a Nose Job Love Song."