Who do you believe in, Stephen Hawking or Nibiru theorists?

Stephen Hawking revealed that humans should leave Earth within 600 years, while Nibiru researchers claim that the Armageddon will begin on November 19


Stephen Hawking, renowned physicist has asked human beings to leave the Earth within the next six centuries to avoid a possible extinction. During a video presentation on November 05, Stephen Hawking warned that the rising human population and its increasing energy needs could make Earth uninhabitable within the next 600 years. Hawking also advised humans to start space migration as soon as possible to protect the species.

According to Hawking, humans are running out of space, and the only way to survive is by finding other inhabitable places in the space. Hawking also asked humans to develop techniques which will help to find and communicate with alien life forms. As Hawking has issued such a chilling warning, Nibiru researchers believe humankind will not live for the next 600 years, and they will face extinction within the next ten days. US space agency NASA has debunked it as an Internet hoax.

According to conspiracy theorists, the Armageddon will begin on November 19, 2017, when the rogue planet Nibiru alias Planet X hit the Earth with its full fury. The theorists including David Meade believe that the impact of Nibiru will trigger natural disasters on the planet including earthquake, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and hurricanes. They also claim that the recent earthquakes in Mexico and the hurricanes which hit the US mainland last month are the signs of Nibiru's close approach.

Recently, many videos which claimed to have featured Nibiru in the sky went viral on YouTube. Even though some of the videos were photo-shopped, manipulated and animated, there were some handpicked clips which seem perfectly real, hinting at showing abnormalities in the sky.

A conspiracy theorist named Matt Rogers has recently revealed that the Nibiru has already appeared in the sky, but Governments all over the world are spraying chemtrails to make it invisible in front of the general public. Through his YouTube channel 'Skywatcher Matt Rogers', he also shared some seemingly authentic pictures of abnormalities in the sky. However, NASA has denied all these claims stating that Nibiru is an Internet hoax.

In the midst of these shocking revelations, humans beings are now eagerly waiting to know whose claims will turn true, Hawking's or the wild assumptions of Nibiru researchers.

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