Nibiru Shocker: Monster planet with dust tail filmed in the sky?

Adding panic among the public, a YouTube user has posted a chilling video which reportedly featured the so-called dust tail of Nibiru alias Planet X.

World End

As speculations regarding world end are going viral on the Internet, a YouTube user named Gagare1952 has posted a chilling video of what is believed to be the dust trail of the killer planet Nibiru entering the atmosphere. The user claims that this is a concrete proof of Nibiru's existence, which most of the researchers from NASA have denied.

The one minute and forty-three-second video was uploaded on YouTube on November 8, 2017, and it has already caught the attention of conspiracy theorists and UFO buffs. The video shows a glowing cloud formation in the sky and the color tone of the clip suggests that it was shot during the time of sunset.

While conspiracy theorists believe that this video is undoubtedly featuring a tear in the sky caused by Nibiru's entry, sky gazers, debunking the theory, said that the unusual shape is caused by the reflection of sun's light on the clouds in the sky.

Check out the video here:

Nibiru: World's biggest coverup?

Many conspiracy theorists believe that the existence of Nibiru is the biggest coverup the world has ever witnessed. According to them, NASA and the US government are well aware of the existence of the killer Planet X, but they are covering up the issue fearing widespread public panic.

"I see Nibiru on Skycams all day every's sad that NASA continues to hide this when the proof is right before us", commented one reader by name Green.

Another conspiracy theorist named Skywatcher Matt Rogers too believes that Nibiru is real, and it may hit our planet causing mass extinction at any time. According to him, governments all over the world are busy spraying chemtrails on the sky to hide the visibility of Nibiru to the general public. He also believes that the top leaders in world politics have already built underground bunkers to keep themselves safe during the time of the fatal hit.

Is Nibiru a hoax?

NASA has repeatedly warned that Nibiru is nothing but an Internet hoax. According to the world's top space agency, if Nibiru was real, then it would have been now visible to our naked eyes.

But recently, NASA admitted that there is a ninth planet in our solar system which is still out of our reach. Taking cue from this, conspiracy theorists have coined the theory that this ninth planet is Nibiru which will soon hit the Earth causing devastation.

Earlier, Nibiru theorists had predicted September 23 as the doomsday. Now, they have postponed it to November 19, and they believe that this date will mark the world's end, as Planet X collides with Earth.