Who is David Bateman? Utah Tech Boss Resigns After Outrage Over Email Calling Covid Vaccines a Jewish Conspiracy

A Utah tech executive who sent out an email to local business owners and political leaders claiming the Covid-19 vaccine was a "sadistic" Jewish plot to "euthanize the American people" has resigned from his position.

The email was sent out early Tuesday morning by David Bateman, the co-founder and chairman of property management software provider Entrata, to some of the most powerful figures in the state's private and public sector, including Utah Gov. Spencer Cox, Utah Jazz owner and Qualtrics CEO Ryan Smith, along with a group of other local executives in a part of the country known as the "Silicon Slopes."

The Email

David Bateman
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"I write this email knowing that many of you will think I'm crazy after reading it," Bateman wrote. "I believe there is a sadistic effort underway to euthanize the American people. It's obvious now. It's undeniable, yet no one is doing anything. Everyone is discounting their own judgment and dismissing their intuition"

"I believe the Jews are behind this." He also added that "for 300 years the Jews have been trying to infiltrate the Catholic Church and place a Jew covertly at the top." Bateman also claimed that the vaccine was a plot to depopulate the Earth sponsored by "elites" including George Soros and Bill Gates, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

"I believe the pandemic and systematic extermination of billions of people will lead to an effort to consolidate all the countries in the world under a single flag with totalitarian rule," Bateman continued, according to the Tribune. "I pray that I'm wrong on this. Utah has got to stop the vaccination drive. Warn your employees. Warn your friends. Prepare. Stay safe."

Entrata CEO Announces Bateman's Resignation

The email sparked a backlash from local business, religious and political leaders, prompting Bateman to resign on Tuesday. Entrata released a statement condemning Bateman's comments and distancing itself from its co-founder.

Bateman stepped down from his position as Entrata CEO in December 2020 but, until yesterday, remained chairman of the company's board of directors. Current Entrata CEO Adam Edmunds announced via Twitter Tuesday afternoon that the company board had asked for, and received, Bateman's resignation.

"Dave is no longer a member of the board, effective immediately," Edmunds announced on Twitter.

"To be absolutely clear, we at Entrata firmly condemn anti-Semitism in any and all forms," he said in a separate tweet. "For those who have seen and been offended or disturbed by the content of Dave's email, we understand and share your disappointment."