Who is Courtside Karen? Woman Removed from Lakers Vs Hawks Game After Verbal Altercation with LeBron James [VIDEOS]

The woman, identified as Juliana Carlos, claimed she rushed to her husband's defense after LeBron "talked sh*t" to him during the game on Monday night.

A woman who was sitting courtside at State Farm Arena in Atlanta were ejected from the arena following a verbal altercation involving her husband and Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

The game was in the last leg with a little over eight minutes to go when the woman, identified as Juliana Carlos, and her husband, Chris Carlos, got into a heated exchange with James on the court.

LeBron James and Courtside Karen
Stills from the video that is being circulated on social media. YouTube

During the argument, Juliana pulled down her face mask to shout at the athlete, prompting the on-court referees to huddle with arena security, who escorted the couple out of the building. Video footage of the incident shows James exchanging words with Juliana, who is courtside, before security steps in.

James Addresses Controversy

Following the game, James took to Twitter to dub Juliana as "Courtside Karen."

Before the tweet, he spoke to the media and said he was happy fans were back in the stands and did not believe Juliana should have been kicked out over the verbal altercation.

Juliana Claims James 'Talked Sh*t' to Her Husband

Juliana Carlos
Juliana Carlos Instagram

In a series of videos posted on Instagram, Juliana claimed she got kicked out because she told James "I'm going to f*ck you up" after he cussed out her husband, who who she described as a "Hawks fan" who had "this issue with LeBron."

She goes on to say she was "minding her own business" and drinking her wine when James said something to Chris, prompting her to lash out at the NBA star before she was escorted out of the arena.

"All of a sudden, I'm getting kicked out," she says. "Excuse me, I have courtside seats that I pay for. F--- you, LeBron. ... You're going to let a 25-year-old girl intimidate you during a game?"

Twitter Reactions:

"Courtside Karen" is now trending on Twitter and has become the subject of memes on the micro-blogging platform with some social media users comparing her to the "Woman Yelling at a cat meme" while others raised doubts over her claimed age. Here are some of the best reactions: