Who is Claudio Campiti? Nazi Loving Man Kills Three Women, Including Italian PM's Friend, During Consortium Meeting

Claudio Campiti, a 57-year-old man accused of killing three women during a shootout at condo meeting in a bar in Rome on Sunday morning, appeared to be Nazi lover as he posted pictures of Hitler and Mussolini on his social media page.

Claudio Campiti
Claudio Campiti Twitter

Campiti Took the Weapon from a Shooting Range

The Scotsman reported that Campiti took the weapon from the Tor di Quinto shooting range before executing the shootout. The fatal shootout occurred during a monthly meeting of Valleverde consortium being held at a coffee bar.

Campiti, who lived alone in one of the condos in the Consortium, was late in his condo payments. Well known for his ill temper towards other residents, Campiti was heard shouting "Mafia, I'll kill you all" soon after entering the meeting with a loaded weapon.

The outlet quoted a witnesses saying, "It was the end-of-year meeting of the condominium. At a certain moment this man, one of the [members of the group] named Claudio Campiti, entered, loaded his pistol and started shooting." Another witness revealed that the 57-year-old shouted "Mafia, I'll kill you all" after issuing other verbal threats to the committee members.

The victims have been identified as Sabina Sperandio, 71, Elisabetta Silenzi, 55, and Nicoletta Golisano, 50. Among the deceased, Golisano was a friend of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

Campiti Posted Hate Messages Against the Consortiums

The Daily Beast reported that Campiti's Facebook page included photos of mini statues and references to Hitler and Mussolini. The accused also maintained a blog on which he expressed his disappointment against the Valle Verde Consortium.

"The Valleverde Consortium is actually a criminal association, I would even say mafia because when a group of scoundrels manages to subjugate citizens there is a mafia," his recent post read. He went on to accuse the consortium of "intimidating acts by the local mafiosi, tampering with my electricity meter box, damaging of my mailbox."

The police recovered 170 bullets and a spare magazine from his pocket along with $6,000, a passport and a backpack carrying some clothes. As per the outlet, Campiti's request for a gun license was denied after he was reported to make threats to the condo residents in the city of Rieti.