Who is Christopher Boissard? A Registered Level 3 Sex Offender Becomes Persistent Threat to Brooklyn's Neighborhood, Somehow Remains Free

Boissard's status as deaf and mute without knowledge of sign language, have complicated legal proceedings.

For nearly a decade, residents of a Brooklyn neighborhood have endured the unrelenting menace of a 33-year-old vagrant, Christopher Boissard, whose criminal activities have persisted despite numerous arrests. Boissard's rap sheet is extensive, marked by incidents ranging from shoplifting to assaulting women and threatening local businesses, yet he continues to roam the streets freely, causing distress to the community of Greenpoint.

Christopher Boissard

Who is Christopher Boissard?

Christopher Boissard, a registered sex offender classified as a level 3 offender, has been a longstanding problem in Greenpoint. His criminal behavior spans back to 2011, with multiple arrests and charges including assault, robbery, and criminal mischief. Despite his troubled history, Boissard remains a recurring threat to public safety, with his actions causing fear and frustration among residents and business owners alike.

Boissard doesn't just cause trouble on the streets – he also targets local shops. Shop Owners have had to take steps to protect themselves from his violent behavior. Despite numerous encounters with law enforcement, Boissard has evaded significant consequences due to the nature of his offenses, which often result in misdemeanor charges. Compounding the issue, Boissard's mental health challenges, compounded by his status as deaf and mute without knowledge of sign language, have complicated legal proceedings. Court-ordered psychiatric evaluations have led to determinations of his unfitness for trial, resulting in the dismissal of misdemeanor cases against him.

Christopher Boissard

Residents of Greenpoint express frustration over Boissard's continuous presence in the neighborhood and the perceived lack of effective intervention from law enforcement and the judicial system. Despite efforts to address his behavior through court-ordered services and treatment programs, Boissard's disruptive actions persist, leaving locals feeling unsafe in their own community.

Calls for Intervention:

Amid mounting concerns, community members and local authorities call for a more proactive approach to address Boissard's behavior and provide him with the necessary support and supervision. With Boissard's troubled history predating his 2021 sex assault conviction, there are calls for systemic changes to prevent individuals like him from slipping through the cracks of the justice system.

As Christopher Boissard continues to roam the streets of Greenpoint, his presence serves as a sobering reminder of the challenges posed by persistent offenders and the shortcomings of current legal and social support systems. Efforts to ensure public safety and provide assistance to individuals grappling with mental health issues remain ongoing priorities for the community and law enforcement agencies alike.