Who is Changmin dating: Here is everything we know about TVXQ singer's girlfriend

The K-pop star had once said that he wished for a girlfriend who he 'can be comfortable with and can have fun like a friend'

K-pop star Changmin has confirmed that he is in a relationship.

The 31-year-old singer of TVXQ, who is also known as Max Changmin, revealed on Monday that he is dating a woman who is younger than him and is not from the entertainment industry.

SM Entertainment released a statement confirming that Changmin was dating a non-celebrity following a report earlier Monday.


The report by SPOTV revealed that the singer met his girlfriend through a mutual friend and the couple since then have revealed their relationship status to their close friends.

Shim Chang-min, also known by his stage name Max Changmin or simply MAX, was scouted by SM Entertainment at the age of 14. He debuted as the youngest member of TVXQ in 2003. The band gained a massive fan following through their hit numbers such as "Rising Sun" (2005) and "MIROTIC" (2008).

Changmin has now also entered into acting after starring in the KBS drama "Paradise Farm" (2011). The singer turned actor recently made headlines after he donated 50 million won ($43,000) to single-parent families with low incomes.

Changmin in the past was rumored to have been in a relationship with Victoria, although SM Entertainment group and the singer denied the rumors. The two celebrities, however, on one occasion were seen holding hands while endlessly staring into each other's eyes.

The South Korean singer in an interview had revealed he found a woman most beautiful when she was washing the dishes. In the bare-it-all interview, the k-pop star had said that he wished for a girlfriend who he "can be comfortable with and can have fun like a friend, even when they are dating."

On social media, Changmin fans have been congratulating the k-pop star. "...imagine being a girlfriend of Shim Changmin Well, congratulations for both of you! and I hope there will be Kyuhyun's dating news in the future," a Twitter user commented.

Another fan of the singer said: "Changmin's girlfriend is the luckiest. She is dating a professor, an idol, a food enthusiast, a wine and beer enthusiast, someone who always donate his money and ofc she is dating THE SHIM CHANGMIN."

A fan but said: "Im just hoping that changmin's girlfriend wont bring him harm like how hana brought harm to yoochun."