Wendy health update: Injured Red Velvet member unable to chew food since Gayo Daejeon accident

The band members of K-pop group Red Velvet have released the latest updates on Wendy's health condition who she suffered critical injuries after falling from the Gocheok Sky Dome stage in Seoul.


For the thousands of fans of Red Velvet, Gayo Daejeon 2019 was nothing short of a disaster, especially after Wendy broke her pelvis and wrist and cracked her cheekbone in fall from the stage during rehearsals on December 25.

The K-pop star's condition is said to be stable, but her bandmates revealed that Wendy has been unable to eat any solid food as she is unable to chew anything.

Red Velvet's Joy revealed Wendy can't chew, and can only eat food that has been smashed first. Wendy is said to be mostly eating eggs and bean-curd stew.

The remaining four members of the K-pop band --Irene, Seulgi, Joy and Yeri recently held a fan event in celebration of their recent comeback, The ReVe Festival: Finale and accompanying title track, "Psycho". The members, for the time being, will perform as a four-member band while Wendy's part will be divided among them.

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During the fan event, Joy reportedly was all in tears and said she was angry at the SBS. She revealed that many times "the situations on stage have been dangerous."

"But when that happened to Wendy, I was so sad, and the apology that was given to her made me angry, too. I thought that it was wrong to just wrap it up like this. But the fans supported Wendy and expressed that we need to fix this. When things get tough, that is when we really need to join forces," Koreaboo reported citing Joy.

It has been revealed that the accident could have easily been avoided if the stage was properly marked. The rehearsal area was dark and cramped. And a lift, which was supposed to go up malfunctioned, due to which Wendy lost her balance and fell "helplessly."