Disturbing Footage Shows Russian Soldiers Castrating Ukrainian Prisoner of War; Graphic Video Sparks Outrage (WATCH)

Russian soldiers have been filmed while castrating Ukrainian prisoners of war. The incident which triggers outrage in Ukraine is now viral on social media.

Footage shows a Russian soldier brutally torturing a Ukrainian prisoner of war. In the video, the Russian soldier is seen using a clerical knife to castrate the Ukrainian prisoner of war, who is bound and wears the fatigues of a Ukrainian soldier.

Russian soldiers castrate Ukrainian Prisoners of War
Russian soldiers castrate Ukrainian Prisoners of War Twitter

The Russian man was pinning the victim down and shouting degrading insults at the victim.

Then, the Russian soldier shot the victim and dragged him to the ground while the victim was tied with ropes on his feet. Some reports have claimed that the Ukrainian soldier was tortured by Vitaly Aroshanov, a fighter from the "Akhmat" unit.

Russian Soldier is From Chechen Battalion Ahmat

"Russian soldier from Chechen battalion Ahmat cut[ting] off the genitals of Ukrainian POW. People should know what Russia is doing," tweeted Ukrainian member of Parliament Inna Sovsun.

Vitaly Aroshanov, a mercenary from the
Vitaly Aroshanov, a mercenary from the "Akhmat" unit. Twitter

She had also posted the video of the incident. However, her account was suspended temporarily. "Twitter banned my profile today. Because I posted a video where a Russian soldier castrates a Ukrainian POW. @Twitter decided it was too cruel. But this is what happens. And deleting the video won't change that. People should know what #Russia is doing," she tweeted after her account was reactivated.

Pro-Kremlin Figures Term The Video Fake

But some figures have questioned the accuracy of the video claiming that the video is fake.

Some pro-Kremlin figures dismissed the castration video as fake, claiming that Ukrainian forces "were given a command to execute" Russian prisoners of war and "there are enough facts of torture and castrations of Russian servicemen," according to The Moscow Times.

Infuriated by the incident, Ukrainian presidential adviser Mikhailo Podolyak stated that the world needs to understand that Russia is a country of cannibals who enjoy torture and murder.

"But the fog of war will not help to avoid the punishment of the executioners. We identify everyone. We will get everyone," Podolyak tweeted.

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