Who is Brittany Ciera Ortiz? NYC Woman Launches Racist Attack on TikTok User, Says 'Asian Bi*ches Are Ugly' in Viral Video

Brittany Ciera Ortiz was seen in a viral video making racist remarks towards an Asian TikTok user outside an NYC restaurant.

A video of a woman going on a racist tirade against an Asian woman at an NYC restaurant is being widely circulated on social media.

TikTok user Denise Carino who goes by @dennydoestiktok posted the video on the platform on Friday along with the hashtag #StopAsianHate, in which the woman is heard telling her "Asian b*tches are ugly" outside Empanada Mama in New York City.

The video starts off with a still of Carino along with a caption that reads, "I had a girl and workers telling me 'you're an ugly Asian b*tch' @empanadamama don't f*cking ever go there."What follows is a clip of the woman repeatedly saying, "Asian b*tches are ugly."

Brittany Ciera Ortiz
Denise Carino (left) and Brittany Ciera Ortiz in stills from the TikTok video. TikTok

The woman then continues to hurl more insults are Carino, now seemingly unsure as to what Denise's race is and trying to assume other possible ethnicities.

"You're a f*cking ugly f*cking Mexican, f*cking Hawaiian, whatever the f*ck you are," the woman tells Carino. The woman is then heard calling Carino a "Chinese little b*tch." In a text overlay on top of the video, Denise says the woman's "POC boyfriend" kept "egging her on.

Denise goes on to claim in another text overlay that the Empanada Mama workers "just stood there and supported" the woman's rant. Watch the video below:

The restaurant, however, released a statement, claiming they have no affiliation with the woman in the video and she was removed from the restaurant as soon as the staff was notified of her behavior.

"The person using racist slurs in the recent viral video is NOT affiliated with Empanada Mama, the restaurant wrote in an Instagram post. "She was removed from our LES restaurant as soon as our staff was informed of her behavior. The Empanada Mama team celebrates diversity and inclusivity, and denounces all forms of racism, discrimination, and hate."

Brittany Ciera Ortiz
Brittany Ciera Ortiz TikTok/Instagram

Who is Brittany Ciera Ortiz?

After the video went viral, Carino received messages of support from netizens, including one named Cynthia Hinojosa, who said she had a similar encounter with the woman, whom she identified as Brittany Ciera Ortiz.

Hinojosa shared a video of her encounter with Ortiz on her account along with a caption stating Ortiz harasses a black-owned ice cream shop because they had a BLM sign up. The video, starts off with screenshots of several Instagram accounts belonging to Ortiz before cutting to a video showing Ortiz arguing with a group of women outside the ice cream shop.

In the clip, she is heard shaming one of the women for being a lesbian before commenting on how they're "700 pounds and getting ice cream." The clip ends with Ortiz's male companion threatening to "beat everyone up."

@dennydoestiktok never going back to empanada mama again. their workers stood by as this all happened. #stopasianhate ♬ original sound - Denise 🌻
@cynthiainnyc Reply to @dennydoestiktok Brittany Ortiz is her name. I feel bad for the poor cat. She always calls to complain about the ice cream shops BLM sign too... the ice cream shop is a black owned business. This entitled Karen needs to be stopped. #brittanyortiz #karen #auntkaren @auntkaren0 #crazykaren #fyp ♬ Somebody's Watching Me - Rockwell