All Lives Matter, B**ch: Netizens Identify Rockey's Truck and Trailer Driver Who Badgers Woman For BLM Flag

A white man driving a pick-up truck was seen harassing a black woman driver with a Black Lives Matter flag before shouting "All lives matter, b**ch."

The social media identified the man as Brenton Rockey, owner of Shafter, California-based Rockey's Truck and Trailer Repair.

His identity has not been independently verified.

A series of videos, which were posted by Erika Harris on the microblogging platform, have now gone viral on other platforms garnering thousands of views.

BLM flag
The man objecting to the BLM flag on Erica Harris's car. Twitter

Woman Accuses Male Driver of Cutting Her Off Road

The first video shows a pick-up truck following close to Harris' vehicle's bumper and flashing headlights repeatedly.

In the second video, it appears that he has passed her and is in the other lane. When she pulls up next to him with her window down, he asks, "Are you happy with yourself?"

"Yeah, you wanna cut somebody off in your company truck? Because I got a BLM flag? You're gonna cut me off on Rosedale Highway, right?" replies Harris.

"I cut you off?" says the man. "Yes, sir. And don't worry I got it on video and I got your plates. Exactly buddy," replies the female driver.

"Turn me in, I don't give a s**t!" he says before speeding off.

"All right I will, watch!" she says while ending the video.

At the beginning of the third video, Harris is seen pulling up next to the white pick-up truck. The man in the video rolls down the window and says, "Hey, sweetheart, all lives matter. Put this f**kin' on YouTube."

The two then engage in some inaudible argument following which the man is heard repeatedly saying "All lives matter, b**ch," and showing off his middle finger, before racing off.

Who is the Man in the Viral Videos?

Soon after the clip were posted by Harris, who describes herself as an organizer of 661Voices Hear, an activist group in the Bakersfield, California, it went viral with hundreds of social media users posting their reactions. The photos of the driver along with the name written on the pick-up truck, Rockey's Truck and Trailer Repair, were splashed across.

"I do not understand why saying Black Lives Matter is so threatening to some," wrote a user.

The social media users also targeted the business. "Rockey's Truck & Trailer Repair doesn't care about lives, he cut her off and flipped her off. Don't be like Rocky's," wrote a user.

"@erikaharris14_ ROCKEY's TRUCK AND TRAILER REPAIR you say? Should have been called ROCKEY's DoucheCanoes. I'm glad you're ok and I'm sorry this happened to you . That must have been frightening," wrote another.

Where Is The Buzz reported that the man in the viral videos has been identified as Brenton Rockey, owner of ROCKEY's TRUCK AND TRAILER REPAIR. Some of the social media users too recognised the male driver as Brenton.