Who Is Brandon Collado? Elon Musk Stalker is Uber Eats Driver Who Claims Chief Tweet is Stalking Him and Grimes Sends Him 'Coded' Instagram Posts

Despite this, police said there was "no evidence" that Collado's apparent tailing of the car linked with Musk was connected to the jet-tracking account @elonjet.

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The man who was caught on camera allegedly stalking Elon Musk's son is an Uber Eats driver who claims the billionaire is monitoring him with 24-hours surveillance. According to the Washington Post, Brandon Collado is believed to be the stalker after being recognized after Musk uploaded a photo of himself wearing a balaclava to his 122 million followers on Tuesday.

Musk claimed that the driver of the vehicle had blocked with and jumped onto the bonnet of the vehicle carrying his kid, X A-Xii. According to the report, Collado also believed he was related to Grimes, the billionaire's ex-girlfriend, but police claim they haven't yet found any proof that the event was caused by accounts that track Musk's private jet.

Musk's Strange Claims

Brandon Collado Elon Musk
Brandon Collado and Elon Musk Twitter

In the short video shared by Musk, the suspect, who has been identified as Collado, is seen driving a white Hyundai while wearing a black hood. Musk's security personnel can be seen approaching a man driving a car and photographing the license plate of the man's vehicle.

The events leading up to the encounter are not depicted in the video.

Musk, who was not present for the encounter, released the video to Twitter to see if anyone recognized the man before linking the incident to an account that has since been blocked for tracking his private jet to an airport in Los Angeles 23 hours before the uncomfortable interaction.

Jack Sweeney
Elon Musk was trying to link his jet-tracking account @elonjet, which is run by 20-year-old college student Jack Sweeney, with Brandon Collado, who allegedly was stalking his son Twitter

"Last night, car carrying lil X in LA was followed by crazy stalker (thinking it was me), who later blocked car from moving & climbed onto hood," Musk wrote in a tweet.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Collado stated that he is interested in Musk's family and that he is the masked man in the video.

Collado has made some strange claims, including that X's mother Grimes was allegedly sending Collado "coded" Instagram messages, and the millionaire CEO was in reality stalking him.

The incident took place at a Pasadena petrol station, 26 miles from the airport. Claire Elise Boucher, aka Grimes, lives in a home close to the petrol station where the confrontation took place.

Despite this, police in South Pasadena and Los Angeles said there was "no evidence" that Collado's apparent tailing of the car linked with Musk was connected to the jet-tracking account @elonjet, run by 20-year-old college student Jack Sweeney, who also manages several other accounts with similar functions.

Elon Musk
Elon Musk Twitter

The accounts track the flight patterns of celebrity-owned private planes using information that is readily accessible to the public.

Musk's Stalker

Twitter started suspending journalists on Wednesday who Musk claimed "doxxed" him for tweeting about his flights, even though some of the people banned claimed they never provided such information. Twitter then moved to restrict such accounts and connections to them on other platforms.

grimes controversy
Grimes @instagram/grimes

Musk compared the posts to sharing "assassination coordinates." "Legal action is being taken against Sweeney & organizations who supported harm to my family," Musk wrote.

Speaking to The Washington Post, reporters Drew Harwell and Taylor Lorenz, who both reportedly sought a response from Musk on the event this week and were subsequently briefly banned from Twitter, Collado claimed to be an Uber Eats driver and admitted he has an interest in both Musk, 51, and Boucher.

Boucher, 34, and Musk parted ways in 2021, a year after the birth of their second child X. However, the two are said to still get along well and co-parent their two children.

Elon Musk with Grimes
Elon Musk with Grimes Twitter

Collado told the Post that he visited a friend while making deliveries and stopped at the petrol station. In video footage Collado provided to the Post, he can be seen crossing in front of a car being driven by Musk's security officer.

The gas station manager told the outlet that the South Pasadena Police Department responded to the incident. Numerous media sites have claimed that Musk has not yet submitted a police report detailing the incident, according to a statement from the Los Angeles Police Department.

Collado did, however, also tell the outlet that he thought Musk was constantly keeping track of his real-time whereabouts and that, on a whim, the billionaire might use Uber Eats to stop him from getting delivery orders.

Elon Musk
Elon Musk Twitter

Additionally, it was said that Grimes had a restraining order against a man who had recently been stalking her. According to reports, police are looking into whether Collado and the offender are the same person.

According to the Post report, an unnamed detective confirmed to the newspaper that Los Angeles police do not think the @elonjet Twitter account was connected to the Collado incident.

However, it's obvious that Musk first thought this to be the case since, only one day after the altercation, he approved a significant revision to Twitter's free-speech policies.

This article was first published on December 19, 2022
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