Who are Maddie and Gene Kelly? NJ Couple Kicked off JetBlue Flight After Hurling Homophobic, Racial Slurs at Fellow Passengers [VIDEO]

A woman and her husband were removed from a JetBlue flight after hurling numerous homophobic and racial slurs at fellow passengers because they were wearing a mask.

The video, seemingly taken by a fellow passenger, which was initially shared on TikTok and then reposted on Reddit on Monday, shows the woman lashing out after being asked to leave the plane, which was prepping for take-off from West Palm Beach, Florida.

'We're Going to Turn into China'

Maddie and Gene Kelly
Stills from the video that is circulating on social media. Twitter

As the three-minute clip plays out, the steward tells the woman that she and her husband are "definitely coming off," to which the woman disagrees, insisting that if he forces them off the plane "then you're going to have to take everyone off."

"Do you guys see what is happening in America, she is heard saying, asking her fellow passengers. "He didn't like what we said, and now we're getting kicked off of a plane, and all of y'all are going to have to wait." "This is f*cking outrageous," she continues, adding: "You guys, we're going to turn into China, it's coming."

At one point, the woman rambles about "free speech, disparages the other passengers as "sheep" and insists that they are in trouble because things they said offended "masked passengers" and "the president." She is then seen arguing with a steward as she claimed her fellow passengers were "f*ggots."

We're Getting Kicked Off 'Because We're Trump Supporters'

The woman then insinuates that they are being asked to leave the plane "because we're Trump supporters," which was met with derision from other passengers nearby. The woman also asserted that Elon Musk is *the f*cking king."

She then continued to say she planned to sue the airline and her fellow passengers - asking another man at the edge of the frame what his name is, bragging "I guarantee I have more money than you, you're a f*cking jerkoff."

In the video, the woman's husband remains relatively quiet while occasionally interjecting with homophobic slurs. At one point while speaking to a flight crew member, he claimed to be a retired FBI agent.

Additional footage shared later showed a crowd booing as the couple arrived back at the terminal after being deplaned with the assistance of local police.

Who are Maddie and Gene Kelly?

Gene and Maddie Kelly
Gene and Maddie Kelly Facebook

After the video went viral, popular TikToker @thatdaneshguy identified the couple as Maddie Kelly and Gene Kelly from Essex Fells, New Jersey.Danesh also shared the link to Gene's Facebook profile and noted that Maddie had deleted her account in the wake of the viral video. According to her LinkedIn profile, Maddie is a dancer/choreographer. It is not yet known if any charges have been filed against the couple. Watch Danesh's video below: