Who are Brittany Lackner and Kimberly Baker? Miami Dolphins Receiver Tyreek Hill Hit with Two Paternity Suits Weeks after Getting Married

In her lawsuit, Lackner claimed that a prenatal paternity test indicated a "greater than 99.9 percent probability" that 29-year-old Hill was the father of her child.

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Miami Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill has been sued separately by two women, with each claiming that he is the father of their child, both born in 2023, according to the Daily Mail citing court documents filed in Florida. Both lawsuits are currently ongoing and were filed independently in Broward County.

Brittany Lackner, 30, and Kimberly Baker, 29, have accused the All-Pro NFL player of insufficiently providing for the children they claim he fathered with them. In the legal documents, they are demanding a higher child support amount than the $2,500 per month that Hill currently pays to them. The allegations come just weeks after Hill married Keeta Vaccaro last month.

Hill's Secret Love Children

Brittany Lackner Tyreek Hill
Brittany Lackner and Tyreek Hill X

Hill married Vaccaro in a Texas courthouse last month. Lackner, on the other hand, welcomed her son, Soul Corazon Hill, on February 7, 2023. She had previously claimed that she engaged in a sexual relationship with Hill in Florida in 2022.

In her lawsuit, Lackner claimed that a prenatal paternity test indicated a "greater than 99.9 percent probability" that 29-year-old Hill was the father of her child.

Brittany Lackner
Brittany Lackner X

Lackner reportedly filed separate paperwork after the birth of her son, stating that Hill had requested a second DNA test before agreeing to pay her $2,500 per month in child support voluntarily.

Lackner argued that this amount is "woefully inadequate" given Hill's reported annual salary of $30 million.

"The Father is a member of the Miami Dolphins earning a salary of $30,000,000 a year pursuant to a four-year contract ... in stark contrast, the Mother is unemployed, has no income, is in debt, is on Medicaid, and has no means of support," the lawsuit stated.

If the two women win their suits, Hill could be subject to a significant increase from the $13,500 he already pays each month in support for the three children he shares with his ex-partner, Crystal Espinal, aged 28.

Tyreek Hill
Tyreek Hill X

Lackner allegedly posted a TikTok video in March featuring her son, dressed in a Dolphins onesie adorned with Hill's name and jersey number. In another TikTok video, the influencer supposedly shared a photo from August 2022, showing Hill with his hand on her belly during a red carpet appearance.

Hill submitted a competing paternity petition in Kansas, expressing his willingness and ability to fulfill parental responsibilities for his alleged child. He also proposed joint custody arrangements, as reported by The Daily Mail.

Hill reportedly attempted to have Lackner's Broward lawsuit dismissed, contending that the child was conceived in Kansas and that Lackner relocated to Fort Lauderdale for "strategic" reasons.

Double Trouble

In the second paternity lawsuit, Baker accused Hill of showing "utter and abject unconcern" for her six-month-old daughter, Trae Love Hill. Baker claimed that the child was conceived during her sexual encounter with Hill in August 2022.

Crystal Espinal
Tyreek Hill's former girlfriend Crystal Espinal with their child X

"The Father has in fact demonstrated utter and abject unconcern for the child in wholly failing to act as a parent and is completely failing to support the child," Baker's lawsuit stated.

Baker claimed that the $2,500 she receives from Hill each month is insufficient for the upbringing of her newborn and claimed that the costs amount to $10,000.

Hill, in an attempt to dismiss Baker's lawsuit, argued that she had no grounds to sue for paternity in Florida as she is based in Los Angeles. The Daily Mail reported that Hill acknowledged that DNA evidence confirmed he was the father of the girl.

"Before an unmarried father may be accorded standing to assert an interest in parental responsibility and/or timesharing, he must demonstrate that he has manifested substantial concern for the welfare of the child," Baker's lawyers stated.

Hill was traded to the Dolphins in March 2022 and subsequently signed a four-year, $120 million extension, making him the highest-paid receiver in the NFL.

As per The Daily Mail, the All-Pro NFL player currently pays $13,500 in child support for three children he shares with his ex-fiancée, Crystal Espinal, 28.

Hill reportedly revealed on his "It Needed To Be Said" podcast that he plans to bequeath his $40 million fortune to his 4-year-old daughter, Nyla.

Tyreek Hill Keeta Vaccaro
Tyreek Hill with his wife Keeta Vaccaro Instagram

In April, he said that he plans to retire after the end of his current contract, which is set to expire after the 2025 season when he will be 31 years old.

Hill has not commented on the reports, and neither has Vaccaro.

Hill married his longtime fiancée at a courthouse in Travis County, Texas, on November 8, as reported by TMZ. The NFL star, considered an MVP candidate, mentioned that he and his wife were planning a small celebration with their families in the near future.