Who is Alissa Piro? High School Teacher Berates Parents, Says White Students 'Get Everything'

Alissa Piro, a California high school teacher, was caught criticizing parents who were asking for an end to online mode of learning in favor of regular offline classes. A leaked video showed Piro shouting at the students during an online class on Zoom.

The leaked video gained heat on multiple social media platforms in the wake of the recent tussle between parents, California Governor Gavin Newsom and teachers unions over the reinstating the in-class learning.

Alissa Piro
Alissa Piro, a High school teacher. Twitter

Piro Challenges Parents to 'Come At' Her

The nearly one and half minute long video was first shared on a private Facebook page and later found its way to Twitter.

Piro, who teaches English at San Marcos High School, is heard berating her students during the online session. "If your parent wants to talk to me about their profession and their opinion on their profession, I would love to hear that...," she says.

"However, if your parent wants to come talk to me about how I'm not doing a good enough job in distance learning based on what you need as an individual? Just dare them to come at me. Because I am so sick to my stomach of parents trying to tell educators how to do their job," she goes on to add.

Adding that teachers are being scrutinized by those who don't understand their profession, Piro said: "'I have never once gone to a doctor's appointment and tried to tell my medical health provider how to treat me. You know why, 'cause I know nothing about that. I didn't get my degree in medicine.'

In yet another segment in the video, the High school teacher is seen yelling at a student who inquired about 'White Student Union.' "You don't need a White student union, Jake. You get everything," she is heard shouting back.

The videos were recorded by a family member of Piro's student during the virtual learning, according to Fox News.

Social Media Fires Up Against the High School Teacher

Sharing the video on the FB group, a student's mother said that she had approached the school's principal Adam Dawson regarding Piro's behavior. "She's a bully. These rants were so often my child said he "tuned her out" and was just trying to get thru the class...this is exactly what's wrong with education and if the school district sweeps this then they are just as responsible," wrote the woman in the "Open SM Schools" private Facebook group.

Piro's viral video drew widespread criticism on social media with many demanding her immediate suspension. "One word describes Alissa Piro & other teachers like her, "Demagogue"! We the parents are sick and tired of teachers like her who have become activist for the socialist. And Instead of teaching core curriculum bc it's racist, critical race theory outright teaches students to hate," wrote a user.

"Alissa Piro should be fired immediately. She is nothing but a bully and a left-wing punk. There is no way she should be teaching kids anything. Excuse me, I meant to say indoctrinating, not teaching. School choice needs to be enacted to give children a chance to learn," tweeted another user.