Who is Alex Konanykhin? Russian Tycoon Puts Out ' Wanted Dead Or Alive' Poster For Putin, Offers $1 Million Bounty

Russian business tycoon Alex Konanykhin has placed a $1 million bounty on the head of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The amount will be paid to any Russian military officer who arrests Putin as a war criminal.

There has been massive outrage against the Russian President after he announced a 'special military operation' against Ukraine, last week.

Alex Konanykhin
Alex Konanykhin and Russian President Vladimir Putin Twitter

Konanykhin Claims Putin Violated the Russian Constitution

The California-based tycoon who hasn't returned to Russia after being granted political asylum in United Stated in 1992, was believed to be the wealthiest person in Russia.

 Alex Konanykhin
Alex Konanykhin has placed a $1 million bounty on Russian President Vladimir Putin. Twitter

In a Facebook post, Konanykhin wrote that he "promises to pay $1,000,000 to the officer(s) who, complying with their constitutional duty, arrest(s) Putin as a war criminal under Russian and international laws."

Stating that the Russian President violated the Russian constitution by "eliminating free elections" and "murdering his opponents," Konanykhin wrote, "Putin is not the Russian president as he came to power as the result of a special operation of blowing up apartment buildings in Russia, then violated the Constitution by eliminating free elections and murdering his opponents."

"As an ethnic Russian and a Russia citizen, I see it as my moral duty to facilitate the denazification of Russia. I will continue my assistance to Ukraine in its heroic efforts to withstand the onslaught of Putin's Orda," read the post further.

'Bounty For Arrest Only Not Murder'

Speaking to the Insider, Konanykhin said that he had put up the bounty to show that the military assault on Ukraine is not being conducted in his name. "If enough other people make similar statements, it may increase the chances of Putin getting arrested and brought to justice," he added.

Konanykhin's original post carried a sinister poster featuring the Russian president. "Wanted Dead or Alive. Vladimir Putin For Mass Murder," the poster read. However, it was later taken down by FB. Following the mass hysteria on his post, Konanykhin posted another update on his Facebook clarifying that payment is meant for Putin's arrest and not his assassination. "Some reports suggest that I promised to pay for the assassination of Putin. It is NOT correct. While such an outcome would be cheered by millions of people around the world, I believe that Putin must be brought to justice," read his recent post.