Who is Abbie Quinnen? AJ Pritchard Girlfriend Suffers 3rd-Degree Burns in Instagram Video Stunt

Abbie Quinnen, the girlfriend of AJ Pritchard, suffered third-degree burns after a blazing wine bottle exploded in her face and set her hair and clothing alight. The dancer was then taken to the A&E by her boyfriend AJ, who quickly doused flames. Initially, AJ dialled 999 to get help for his girlfriend after the explosion of the wine bottle, but as he was being told that the ambulance would take a while to arrive at the site, AJ himself drove Abbie to the hospital.

According to a source, Abbie was in a great deal of pain and shocked after the incident. But AJ sprang into action to put the fire out with the help of a wet tea towel. "He was terrified himself but he did all he could to stop her from burning," the source further said.

Abbie, 23, has suffered third-degree burns, which is likely to leave scars. Doctors tried to save her face and arms from severe scarring, but this incident may leave scars on her body for life. Reportedly, Abbie has visited the hospital as many as 20 times for skin grafts. This incident may even be a barrier to pursuing her career in the entertainment industry.

Who is Abbie Quinnen?
Abbie Quinnen suffers third-degree burn

Moreover, Pritchard is devastated after the shocking incident and has dedicated himself totally towards nursing her and taking charge of dressing her wounds.

How Abbie Quinnen Got Third Degree Burns

Strictly star AJ Pritchard and Abbie were busy preparing a 'life hack' video trick when everything went wrong. The deadly incident took place when the couple was filming a "life hack" video for their Instagram fans. They wanted to show how to cut a glass bottle in half and use it as a vase to their one million followers on the photo and video sharing platform.

The risky trick involved dipping a rope in a flammable chemical and then wrapping it around the bottle before lighting a flame to it.

A photo shared online shows the dancer wrapped up in bandages all over her face, arms and chest, while she lay on the bed. The picture reveals that the right side of Abbie's face has suffered severe injury from the explosion.

Who is Abbie Quinnen?

Abbie Quinnen is a 23-year-old professional dancer. She was trained at the prestigious Urdang Academy in Islington. Abbie hails from Surrey and is managed by Apollo Artist Management, which is an agency that looks after entertainment celebrities.

Abbie is in a relationship with "I'm a Celebrity" star AJ. Their romantic affair started when they met in London at a restaurant called VIVI, near Tottenham Court Road, according to reports. The dancer also shared a picture of her first meeting with boyfriend AJ and tagged the restaurant, along with the caption: "Where it all started."