White Student Assaults Black Girl at Kansas School While Yelling the N-Word Moments After She Confronted Another for Calling Her a 'Slave'

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Shawnee Mission East High School
Stills from the video footage of the incident, shared by the Kansas City Defender, on social media. Twitter

A Kansas school has sparked outrage for suspending a black girl who was attacked by a white male student and called a racial slur, with students demanding systemic change.

The assault, which took place at Shawnee Mission East High School, left the girl hospitalized with a broken nose. The victim, Bre, now faces suspension from the school. The white student has also been suspended.

Bre Confronted A White Female Student For Using Racial Slurs, Calling Black Students 'Slaves'

As reported by the Kansas City Defender, Bre, confronted a white female student for using racial slurs and calling Black students "slaves."

After their argument, they peacefully parted ways. However, as they were walking away, a male student, previously uninvolved, aggressively shouted for Bre to "Shut the F*ck up!" Numerous student witnesses appear surprised and appalled, and Bre responds by asking what did he say.

The male student then charges towards Bre while repeatedly hurling the N-word and the two are seen brawling and punching one another.

Watch the video below:

Bre was hospitalized with a fractured nose in the wake of the altercation. Students at Shawnee Mission East have voiced their outrage and disgust in the wake of the attack, with students calling for justice for Bre, who was suspended following the attack, and the expulsion of the attacker.

School Sends Out Email to Parents Denouncing Racism

Shawnee Mission East has not directly addressed the hate crime, or explicitly denounced it. However, the school did send out the following email to parents:

"As a school and a community, we know that in order for students to learn, they must first feel safe and supported. Shawnee Mission East teachers, administrators, and staff will continue to do our absolute best to help every student who enters our school feel safe and supported so they can be at their very best...the words we use matter. Racially charged language, insults, and slurs will not be tolerated in our school..."

The response from Shawnee Mission East's administrators has been met with widespread criticism from the student body. Many accuse the school officials of failing to address the systemic racism within their halls, and also for not directly addressing the recent hate crime.

In response to what they see as administrative apathy, students have taken matters into their own hands. A walkout was organized to protest the school's handling of racial issues. The students' demands are clear: stricter policies against racism, the expulsion of the attacker, justice for Bre, and potentially firing of numerous administrators.