White Man Leaves Trap for Looters Inside Car to Justify 'Premeditated Murder' [VIDEO]

A video clip of an Arizona man leaving expensive items in his car in an attempt to bait looters has gone viral.

The anger over the death of George Floyd has led to mayhem nationwide with the situation worsening as the protests enter the sixth night. Protests have turned more violent, with many turning to large-scale looting and vandalism, prompting authorities to declare a state of emergency in some states and asking the National Guard to step in.

Hunting Looters with Car Traps

Raymond Trzaskos
Raymond Trzaskos can be seen holding the assault rifle in a still from the video. Facebook / Jessica Neely

As violent protests and rampage continue to grip America, a shocking video clip from Phoenix, Arizona, has gone viral on social media. The Snapchat video, shared by a user named Jessica Neely on Twitter, shows a white man leaving items in his car in an attempt to tempt looters into breaking into the vehicle while he waits in his room with an assault rifle.

The minute-long clip starts off with the man leaving an expensive pair sneakers on the front passenger seat of the vehicle in a way that it is clearly visible from the car's window. "These are real Yeezy 350s, the man can be heard saying in the video "I'm [going to] set 'em up right here for a looter to see."

He then pans the camera to the window of his room on the first floor of his house, located a few hundred yards away. "But little do they know, that's my window right there into my room," which he then describes as "sniper tower." The video then cuts to a shot from the room window, overlooking the vehicle while the man waits as he holds what appears to be an assault rifle.

"Fear nothing," the man says before the video ends. Watch the full video below:

'Premeditated Murder'

According to Neely, the man in the video is Raymond Trzaskos, someone she knows personally.
"This white mans name is Raymond Trzaskos and he is intentionally [sic] setting traps for looters like this is a hunting game!! Right here in Phoenix, AZ. THIS IS PREMEDITATED MURDER," she captioned the clip, before noting that he had been reported to the FBI over the controversial clip.

The video has sparked outrage on Twitter with users referring to Trzaskos as a "terrorist" and a "psychopath." "This us an ingrown terrorist. He's itching to shoot and take a human life," wrote one user, while another commented, "It's absolutely disgusting how proud he is. He's looking forward to hunting people for sport like they're animals. Absolutely abysmal."

Floyd, a 46-year-old African-American, died last week after a white Minneapolis police officer pinned him down with his knee after he was arrested, leading to death by suffocation.