White House Caught Using a Stock Photo? Incorrect Time Difference in Image of Biden's Security Meeting on Afghanistan Sparks Speculation

The time difference between clocks of Moscow and London incorrectly displayed a 3-hour time difference, which is down to two hours since March 28.

President Joe Biden is facing widespread criticism over the unfolding chaos in Afghanistan after he withdrew U.S. troops from the war-torn area after 20 years.

The fall of Kabul into the hands of the Taliban and the collapse of the Afghan government prompted calls for Biden to resign from former President Donald Trump.Biden also faced flak fromRepublican members of Congress, who criticized the president on Sunday for spending time at the Camp David presidential retreat instead of the White House.

Joe Biden
The image shared by the White House on Twitter on Sunday. Twitter

Amid the criticism, the White House Twitter handle posted a photo of Biden conducting a security meeting with Vice President Kamala Harris and national security officials over the situation in Afghanistan.

The image showed Biden sitting inside what appears to be a conference room at Camp David, conducting the meeting via video conference with several screens displayed on a large TV display in front of him.

Netizens Believe the White House Released a Stock or Photoshopped Image

Not long after the White House posted the photo, some eagled-eyed netizens noticed that the time difference between Moscow and London on the digital clocks above the TV display was inaccurate.

The clocks incorrectly showed a 3-hour time difference between both cities. However, they're only 2 hours apart. The last time there was a 3-hour difference in time between Moscow and London was back on March 28, when clocks were advanced by an hour as a result of daylight saving time.

This led to speculation on Twitter that the image was picture tweeted out by the White House was either a stock image or an old photo or the image was photoshopped to make it seem like Biden was acting on the Afghanistan issue.

"Note the time in London and Moscow on the clocks. Clocks show 3 hour time difference. However, there is currently only a 2 hour difference. Before March, London and Moscow have a 3 hour time difference because of daylight savings. Is this a stock photo?" asked one user.

"Hi, @WhiteHouse, can you please explain why the clocks above the television show Standard Time rather than Daylight Savings Time? Moscow will not be three hours different than London until November 7, 2021. This isn't a pre-March picture that's Photoshopped, is it?" commented another. Here are some of the tweets: