Whisper: The teasers of the upcoming SBS drama send chills down the spine

The teaser begins with an ominous sound of thunder while it reads: "Those who fight beasts beware of turning into one yourselves."

Whisper Youtube

The upcoming SBS Monday-Tuesday drama "Whisper" recently released the first two teasers together and it seems to be totally packed with revenge and suspense. The drama primarily takes place at a law firm called Taebaek, telling the story of a man and a woman who were initially bitter enemies turn into lovers and put everything at risk to make their relationship strong and to fight corruption together.

The drama stars, God's Gift–14 Day's Lee Bo-young and On the Way to the Airport's Lee Sang-yoon, who starred together in popular TV series My Daughter Seo-young.

The teaser begins with an ominous sound of thunder while it reads: "Those who fight beasts beware of turning into one yourselves," dramabeans mentioned.

In the upcoming drama, Kim Chang-wan will play the role of Lee Sang-yoon's father. The first teaser reveals Lee Bo-young as a police officer who is investigating the Taebaek law firm. While her father, played by Kang Shin-il is seen being dragged away, possibly wrongfully framed and the judge in charge of her father's trial is Lee Sang-yoon. She tries her best to find out more evidence but she is described as "a detective trampled by monsters." It makes her feel that the bad guys have all the power in the world.

The other teaser begins with Lee Sang-yoon who seems to be drunk in the backseat of a car. In voiceover, she says, "If a judge were to lure and rape the daughter of a defendant…" And the very next shot is of them in a bed together.

The cast and the crew of "Whisper", after the success of the teaser, paid their respects for the success of the new drama which is going to be premiered at SBS network. The director of the upcoming drama, Lee Myeong-woo expressed his wishes by stating, "I wish for the message of "Whisper" to be delivered to society. I hope the drama succeeds and I hope all the casts are wanted in all award shows at the end of the year".

The SBS's new legal thriller Whisper will begin airing on March 27 after the current hit drama 'Defendant' finishes its run.

This article was first published on March 12, 2017