Jeff Bezos to Invest Billions in SafeMoon? Plans to Compete with Elon Musk's Dogecoin?

Rumor mills were rife that Jeff Bezos would invest billions in Dogecoin after the meme cryptocurrency gained overnight fame with the backing of Tesla CEO Elon Musk and would join the dream bandwagon to take 'Doge to the moon'.

However, despite all the noise Bezos chose to remain tight lipped and refused to acknowledge or rubbish the rumors and his silence has fanned the flames of crypto rumors that's growing on social media as every group is talking about an upcoming Bezos' investment.

SafeMoon Cryptocurrency Coin

The flag post has now shifted from Dogecoin to SafeMoon as rumors are now doing the rounds that Jeff Bezos is planning to invest billions in SafeMoon cryptocurrency and will soon take on Elon Musk's Dogecoin.

Investors who love to speculate online claim that Bezos decided to not invest in Dogecoin as Musk had already called himself the ''Dogefather''.

Several crypto groups on Telegram claim that Bezos plans to make SafeMoon reach the $1 mark much before Musk takes Dogecoin to cross $1. Rumors like these have made investors pump more money into SafeMoon in the hopes of becoming rich after Bezos' investment.

Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos Wikimedia Commons

Rumor mill has it that Bezos didn't like the fact that Musk surpassed him as the world's richest man earlier this year and Musk lost out on his position after Tesla stocks tumbled after reaching new highs making Bezos reclaim his position.

Also, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have always been on opposite sides of every issue and the billionaires are not good friends of each other either. Previously, Musk had called Bezos a ''copy cat'' after Amazon announced it would acquire self-driving car start-up Zoox and also supported calls to break-up the e-commerce giant Amazon.

So Will Jeff Bezos Really Invest In SafeMoon?

While all of these are only speculations coming out of several cryptocurrency groups and enthusiasts, there is no truth to any of their outlandish claims that Bezos would invest billions in SafeMoon or any other cryptocurrency.

It is advised to wait for an official confirmation before investing one's hard earned money and not fall for baseless claims on social media.

However, considering Bezos' entrepreneurial nature, which is to spread his wings at every business or investment that promises returns, one shouldn't count him off from the cryptocurrency market.

SafeMoon at the time of publishing is trading at $0.000004406 and is available dirt cheap and less than a cent for investors to add to their portfolio. The crypto is down 3.52% and also took a beating since May 2021 after Bitcoin came crashing down.