When Koyote's Shinji's Ex-boyfriend Threatened to Kill Self If She Failed to Give Money

Koyote's Shinji has recalled a strange incident that occurred between her and her ex-boyfriend. On KBS Joy's variety show 'Story Survival', the singer-actress revealed a bizarre story where her former beau asked her money when she was hospitalized.

Koyote's Shinji
Koyote's Shinji. Koyote's Shinji Instagram

As per Allkpop website, the theme of this particular episode was to confess a shocking story from the past. The viewers got to hear strange ghost stories to worst romantic experiences and Shinji revealed the odd incident from her previous relationship.

How her Beau Threatened Her When She was Hospitalised
She revealed that her boyfriend had threatened to kill himself if she did not give her money even after partying ways. It happened when she was hospitalized.

"I was hospitalized, but my ex-boyfriend came looking for me in order to ask me if he can borrow money from me. At the time, visitors were not even allowed. But he went as far as to tell me that if I didn't lend him money, he would die. I remember I felt bad for him during that time, but we had already broken up," the website quotes her as telling to Park Na Rae.

However, the name of the former boyfriend was not revealed in the show.

Link Up
In recent years, the 39-year old was linked up with Kim Jong Min. Their pictures during a shooting schedule in Vietnam had sparked off dating rumours. However, she shot down the speculations by claiming that they were like "siblings."

"Stop linking me with the leader-nim~ We get this reaction every time I upload something but it's uncomfortable for the both of us. Why are you keep linking siblings with a good relationship in that way lol I can no longer upload photos with him if you keep doing this~ Let's not be this way," Shinji was quoted as saying.