WhatsApp's upcoming features include shopping, boomerang videos and more

WhatsApp Messenger plans to add new features to the platform including WhatsApp shopping, an in-app browser, and support for Boomerang videos

After a long, long wait, the highly anticipated dark mode is already available to beta testers on Android and iOS, and hopefully a full worldwide release is likely to follow soon. However, it seems like WhatsApp has some other tricks up its sleeve.

The Facebook-owned app plans to introduce a host of other new features to the platform apart from dark mode and self-destructing messages. Here are some of the changes and new features we're expecting to see in the coming months:

WhatsApp Shopping

As we already know, WhatsApp decided to drop the idea of running ads on the popular messaging platform and if Facebook can't advertise through WhatsApp, it can still monetize the app by taking a commission from products sold by third-party retailers on the service.

In November last year, the app introduced a virtual catalog feature, which allows small retailers to display their goods for potential customers to browse through. Shoppers could choose what they would like to purchase, and then reach out to the seller to complete the transaction.

WhatsApp virtual catalog
WhatsApp's virtual catalog feature. WhatsApp

This is a great feature that allows small retailers to market their products to millions of potential customers, but both parties were still required to leave the app to make the payment and complete the purchase. Now, a future update could follow Instagram's footsteps and let companies add a checkout option on WhatsApp that allows them to make the purchase directly from the app.

In-App Browser

Another feature that leakers stumbled upon in a WhatsApp beta APK is an in-app web browser that allows users to open links without leaving the platform, similar to the format used by Twitter and Facebook. It would probably use Google Chrome, and will also warn users if they happen to click on a malicious link or visit a harmful site.

Boomerang Videos

Another feature that Facebook is borrowing from Instagram are boomerang videos. Boomerang videos are essentially short, video snippets that are infinitely looped back and forth. The new feature will allow users to share boomerang clips with their contacts.

Boomerang videos
App Store / Boomerang for Instagram

Although they won't have a significant effect on the way you communicate, but if the reception received by Google's recently launched Emoji Kitchen is anything to go by, people will welcome this fun new feature with open arms.