WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: From Fingerprint Lock to Scheduling Messages, Here are Interesting Features of the Platform

Whatsapp has plenty of interesting features. The first part of the story had information about WhatsApp Web, making UPI payments using this platform, etc. In this second part, we are listing out five other interesting features about the messaging app.

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks 2020 and 2021
WhatsApp Tips and Tricks. Reuters

Schedule WhatsApp Messages
A key feature that is missing in WhatsApp is scheduling messages. What will you do if you like to send a birthday message to your friend at 12 am, but you are going to bed early since you are tired? There is no official feature, but there are third party apps that allows you to schedule messages. One such app is SKEDit, which can be downloaded by users on Google Play Store for Android Phones.

Fingerprint Lock for WhatsApp
Yes, you heard it right. You can now have a fingerprint lock to your WhatsApp. However, the users should have the latest version of WhatsApp with a finger sensor feature in your mobile.

Different Sounds for Different Folks
Beep sounds that you hear when receiving new messages can be quite irritating at times. So, there is a good option where you can have different sound for different individuals and groups.

Read Messages without Disable 'Read Receipt'
There are two ways to read a message without letting the sender know that you have seen it. There is a way to read the messages without disabling the blue tick option. Well, just put your phone on Airplane/Flight mode, open the message, close the app and turn off the Airplane/Flight mode.

Hiding your WhatsApp Chat
There are some conversations or messages that you would not like to be seen by others. The recent chats will always appear on the top. So, there is way to hide such conversation. Follow the below steps:

1) In the Chats screen, tap and hold the message you wish to hide.
2) On the top bar, select the Archive icon.