WhatsApp : From Making UPI payments to Using it on Desktop, Here are 10 Interesting features to Make your Daily Life Easier

WhatsApp Interesting Features: From using it on Desktop to Making UPI payments, 10 interesting features helpful for daily life

WhatsApp is the most-popular messaging service used by netizens in over 180 countries. Over 2 billion global people are using this service for personal and professional reasons. The usage of this platform during the Covid-19 lockdown has seen at least 40 percent increase in many countries, says a survey.

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks 2020 and 2021
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Even as WhatsApp becomes a must-have app on people's cellphones, there are those who have not explored various features on this platform. This article helps them to understand WhatsApp better and make their daily life, easier.

How to Use WhatsApp on your Desktop or Laptop?
There are people, who are much comfortable typing on desktops/laptops than in their mobiles. For such people, here is an option to use your WhatsApp account on your computers, but you should have active internet on your phone in order for you to use it on your computer. Follow the below procedure to start using the platform on your systems.

1) Open https ://web.whatsapp.com/ or download Desktop app from whatsapp.com/download/.
2) Open WhatsApp on your mobile, Tap the menu button and select WhatsApp web.
3) Scan the QR code and you can now access WhatsApp on your computers.

Using Italics, Bold, Strikethrough or Monospace in Chat
Words sent in italics or bold will caught the attention of the receivers. All you need to do is select the text, press right click and you will find the option to either apply italics, bold, monospace or strikethrough effect.

What will Happen if you Pin Groups and Individuals?
Since WhatsApp has become a part of our personal and professional lives, it is quite difficult to keep track of the messages pouring in to your phone from the people in your contact list. Sometimes, you might miss out an important message. So, it is always good to pin the important groups or individuals. This keeps the pinned contacts on top, but remember you can only pin up to three contacts.

Make UPI Payments
Unified Payment Interface (UPI) is a newly-introduced service by the Facebook-owned company. This feature allows you to transfer money from one account to another.

How to Hide Someone from viewing your WhatsApp Status?
Scenario 1: You have gone to a mall with one set of friends. You want to share the joyful moments on status, but you want to hide it from other friends.
Scenario 2: You have gone to a picnic by lying to your manager that you are not well, but you fear putting the pictures or messages about your trip as your status since your boss can view your messages, which could land you in trouble.
There is a solution to both the issues. Well, you can restrict your message from sending your status update to all. Follow the procedure to address this problem:

Select My Contacts > Select Names in Your Contacts that you want Hide Your Status.
The names choosen by you will not receive your update. However, you can send the message to select by opting for the third option - Only Share with. Continue Reading on Next Page

This article was first published on December 10, 2020