Now use your WhatsApp account on multiple devices, Meta owned chat platform launches a new feature

Now users don't have to logout from one device to use the account on other devices


Meta-owned chat platform WhatsApp is known to come up will updated features frequently to keep pace with user requirements. Now it is rolling out another exciting new feature that will allow users to use the same account on multiple devices without having to log out from any of the devices. One of the most highly requested features, as per WhatsApp, is the multi-device functionality that will let the user link your phone as one of up to four additional devices just like how it's done with WhatsApp on web browsers, tablets, and desktops.

Users will be able to link phones with other devices as companion devices make the use easier. If you are a small business owner, even your authorized employee can replay the chats from the same number using this new feature of WhatsApp. The new feature will be available for both Android and iOS devices. It will be done by entering your phone number on WhatsApp Web to receive a one-time code, which you can use on your phone to enable device linking. Currently, you can link your device by scanning a QR code.

The new feature has been laid out for a seamless user experience, where they can switch between devices without losing any chat or data from any of the devices. Prioritizing the user security like always chats from all the devices will be end-to-end encrypted. Users will automatically log you out of all companion devices if their primary device is inactive for a long period.

How to use it?

Users can use the new feature after following a few easy steps

  • Update the app if you have not updated it yet
  • Open the app and click on the 3 dots in the right-hand corner
  • Select the "Linked Device" option from the drop-down menu
  • Tap on " Multi-Device Beta" and enable this option
  • Follow the prompts to set up the secondary device
  • Select "Link to Existing Account " and generate the QR Code
  • Use the primary phone to scan the QR code generated
  • Your second device is ready to be used