WhatsApp adds these new exciting features for the iOS devices

WhatsApp's latest update for iOS devices has added a host of new features for iPhones, including haptic touch, a low data usage mode, support for suggested contact, and more

WhatsApp is constantly adding new tweaks and features to its Android and iOS-based apps. After introducing bug fixes, emoji skins and a host of new features to its beta app for Android last week, the Facebook-owned company has rolled out some new features for its iOS app as well.

Haptic Touch support

According to WABeta Info, WhatsApp is finally adding support for features Apple introduced with iOS 13 for iPhones. This includes support for Haptic touch for chats and media previews. Theblog, which tracks WhatsApp updates, shared a screenshot of the feature (although in Spanish), giving us a look at the new and updated callout menu, which now includes options like "Archive," "Leave the group," "Deactivate silence" and "Mark as read."

Low data usage modeios

whatsapp messenger update
The WhatsApp Messenger app icon seen on an iPhone screen Max Pixel

The Map in WhatsApp conversations also appears in a dark shade when you share a location if you have dark mode enabled on your iPhone. The new update also adds a low data mode to the iOS app, which, as the name suggests, reduces the amount of data used by the messaging app when the mode is enabled.

This means the Facebook-owned platform will only download media files including videos, images, voice messages and GIFs when connected to a Wi-Fi network in order to save mobile data. WhatsApp will automatically show this feature under "Data and Storage Usage" in "Settings."

Sharing with suggested contacts

This new feature allows users to share files directly with suggested WhatsApp contacts when you click or tap on the Share button on your iPhone. This means that when you try to share an image or video file from your device's gallery or a contact from your phonebook, your device will automatically suggest your top WhatsApp contacts for you to share the files with.

Chat badge

iOS users have previously reported issues with their WhatsApp messenger where the app incorrectly displayed a chat badge when there were more than 999 unread messages on the messenger. Now, the app shows a "999+" badge when the number of unread messages exceed the said number.

Dark Mode

Last but definitely not the least, WhatsApp is actively working on bringing support for the dark mode to iPhones. While the features have not been rolled out yet, WABeta Info shared screenshots suggesting that the feature is making progress towards a full-fledged rollout.

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