What's up in N Korea? Kim Jong Un scrambles to build Coronavirus hospital after ruling out cases

There is no perfect and modern medical service establishment even in the capital city, says Kim.

Despite the tall claims of having no case of fatal coronavirus in his country, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has ordered construction of hospitals on an emergency basis, confirming fears that all is not well in the country.

Coronavirus status as of 18 March, 2020
Coronavirus status as of 18 March, 2020 GISAID

The site for the new 'modern general hospital' is located at Pyongyang where the ground-breaking ceremony was held on Tuesday in the presence of Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un admits to troubled medical scenario in North Korea

Despite being sandwiched between China and South Korea, the two hot beds of coronavirus, North Korea hasn't reported a single case. According Rodong Sinmun, the official newspaper of North Korea's ruling party, Kim Jong Un admitted to the lack of medical facilities.

North Korea
Rodong Sinmun

"Our Party analyzed and assessed the present state of public health service, medical service, in the country and, feeling miserably self-critical of the fact that there is no perfect and modern medical service establishment even in the capital city, discussed and decided on building in this year of the 75th anniversary of its founding a modern general hospital first in Pyongyang for the promotion of people's health," said Kim.

"When the general hospital is built, we will get another valuable asset with which to better protect the precious health and safety of our people, and will be able to set up a springboard for consolidating and developing the socialist public health system by enabling the public health sector of the country to make a significant leap forward with this hospital as a central base," he added.

Kim has kept 10th October as the deadline for the completion of the hospital, the construction of which is being carried out by the North Korean soldiers and builders. The completion date, barely 200 days, corresponds with the 75 years of Workers' Party of Korea. The hasty construction of the hospital is being undertaken at the cost of other ongoing projects slate for completion this year.

North Korea extends school break till 15 April

With reports of massive coronavirus spread in the North Korean army leaving several soldiers dead, Kim described the current condition as "harshest-ever internal and external situations," according to the daily.

Meanwhile, the country has also extended the closure of schools till April 15 along with banning foreign tourists and quarantining several foreigners and locals to plug the spread of virus.

Citing a source, Daily NK reported: "North Korea's Ministry of Education cited 'social distancing' as the reason behind the order and advised that "banning physical contact between individuals is the best way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus."

On 8th March Daily NK reported the death of nearly 200 North Korean soldiers due to symptoms matching the fatal virus while 3,700 have been placed under quarantine. According to the daily's sources, the deceased were posted near the Sino-North Korean border in North Pyongan, Chagang, Ryanggang, and North Hamgyong provinces.

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