Charlotte Lawrence tests positive for coronavirus, singer asks people to stay indoors for their own safety

Charlotte Lawrence
Twitter / Charlotte Lawrence

The 19-year-old Joke's On You singer Charlotte Lawrence revealed she has tested positive for coronavirus and put out a long, emotional tweet asking fans to stay indoors during the crisis and quarantine themselves for a few weeks to keep themselves and their near and dear ones safe.

The teenager seemed to be optimistic about her situation and stated that she'll come out of this being ''completely fine.'' She tweeted: ''I'm feeling okay and am gonna be completely fine. We have the power to slow this down. Protect those who need it.''

Stay indoors, it doesn't matter if you're sick or not, says Charlotte

Charlotte asked her fans to realize the gravity of the situation and the imminent threat the virus poses and asked people to stay indoors whether they feel sick or not, to protect those who are less able to survive the deadly virus. She urged them not to devote their time to prayers and sweet messages but use the time to keep their surroundings and themselves clear of all germs.

"So this is not me asking for prayers, for love, for sweet messages. This is me pleading for you all to protect those less able to survive this virus. Stay inside. Please. Whether you feel sick or not, stay inside. Think about your parents. Think about your grandparents. I love so many people who might have a very rough time getting through this. Think about someone else getting your loved ones sick because they didn't listen, because they thought they knew better. Because they were selfish."

The singer ended her post saying that collectively we "have the power to slow this down. So please, please isolate yourself.''

Coronavirus havoc

Coronavirus has now reached more than 50 countries and as per current statistics, there are around 208,348 positive cases and 8,272 deaths, while 82,902 people have successfully recovered. Several countries have shut their borders and asked people to remain quarantined and companies have announced work from home until the situation is brought under control.

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