What will happen to earth if a nuclear war breaks out between US and Russia?

human apocalypse

Russia and the US are the two most powerful global powers that boast about possessing arms worth a trillion dollars. As both these countries are nuclear powers, a war between these two global powers may trigger cataclysm across the planet.

A new study report published in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres analyzed the possible effects of a future nuclear war between these two superpowers and the findings are alarmingly mindblowing.

The study report revealed that fires caused by the nuclear explosion would inject approximately 150 billion kilograms of soot in the atmosphere. The soot clouds will block the sun's rays from reaching the earth's surface, and the planet will be pulled to the state of complete darkness.

The explosion will also result in a nuclear winter, and the average temperature will drop down to 9 Degree Celsius. Experts believe that it will take at least seven years for the earth to escape from the clutches of darkness, and the light will return to normalcy only after ten years.

During these years, the monsoon will collapse, and the atmosphere will witness a significant variability of the El Nino cycle.

"The models agree that a nuclear winter would follow a large scale nuclear war between the United States and Russia. A full-scale nuclear attack would be suicidal for the country which decides to carry out such an attack. The use of nuclear weapons in this manner by the United States and Russia would have disastrous consequences globally. Ultimately, the reduction of nuclear arsenals and the eventual disarmament of all nuclear-capable parties is needed," wrote the researchers in the study report.

A few days ago, Russia announced that a nuclear blast had happened during the test of a missile engine near the city of Severodvinsk. As mysteries surrounding the accident loomed up, conspiracy theorists started alleging that this nuclear explosion is a clear indication of the country's secretive military experiments.