Russia's own Area 51? Recent missile accident sheds light on secretive military experiments

Vladimir Putin

It was on August 8, 2019, that Russia announced the details of an accident that apparently happened during a test of a missile engine near the city of Severodvinsk. However, the mystery surrounding the incident soon started looming large, following a spike in radiation in the area surrounding the accident. And now, authorities have ordered an evacuation of villagers from the area, which clearly suggests that the dangers of the accident are more grave than previously thought.

As per official explanation, the accident happened when a small nuclear reactor exploded while testing a novel type of missile. However, military experts believe that such a nuclear-powered cruise missile is a deadly idea, and the United States had long ago rejected this proposal considering it as an environmental nightmare. But the new accident hints that Russia led by Vladimir Putin is quite keen to develop this technology, and conspiracy theorists allege that there are several secretive military bases in the country where such secretive experiments are taking place.

After the accident, Tass, a state news agency in Russia cited the words of an unnamed Russian official and revealed that the explosion on the test platform had knocked scientists who died into the sea, thus contaminating the waters.

Interestingly, Russian statements about the radiation level have been contradictory from the beginning. Last Sunday, Russian Federal Nuclear Agency revealed that the radiation levels had climbed briefly to twice the background level in Severodvinsk, an area located almost 25 miles away from the test site. In the meantime, Russia's national meteorological agency suggested that the radiation level has risen 16 times in the city of Severodvinsk.

As per conspiracy theorists, both the United States and Russia are conducting several secretive military experiments since the time of the Cold War. Conspiracy theorists allege that the United States is carrying out such experiments in confidential sites like Area 51, and the news of this latest nuclear explosion in Russia will also keep them under the radar.

The recent developments clearly indicate that the world is witnessing a dangerous arms race, and such mindless military tests may even cause a civilization-ending cataclysm.