What is Soaking? Bizarre Sex Act by Mormon Teens on TikTok Takes Internet by Storm

Did you think Mormons never broke the rule? Well, they seem to have found a way to pleasure themselves without what they claim to be a no-rule-break. A new viral TikTok video shows what horny Mormon teens are doing to fulfil their thirst. Surprisingly, the trick is to penetrate without thrusting, and the act is known as 'soaking,' which has left many on TikTok and other social media platforms baffled.

Now, if you are wondering how this can be done, then let me tell you that the soaking act primarily refers to the penetration into a woman's vagina without thrusting.

"When I returned from my Mormon mission and moved to Provo, Utah, I heard rumors about 'soaking,' which is when a male places his penis in a woman's vagina and that is it. No moving. No thrusting. No orgasms," said Gary Knauer, 36, who lives in Oregon.

Moreover, to get the thrust-like feel, there's another trick used by these teens. This trick is called Jump humping, which is when a couple gets someone to jump on the act while they engage their private parts to get some friction without technically causing the moving on their own.

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Knauer revealed that his Mormon friends have engaged in the act. "I talked to a few friends who had 'soaked.' I hear that Mormons still do this," Knauer told NYP. The Mormon community has banned sex outside marriage including necking and petting, according to earlier reports. It also believes sexual desires should only be satisfied in heterosexual marriage.

Currently, a video about soaking has been doing rounds on the social media platforms and TikTok. The viral soaking video has garnered over 25.5 million tags.

What is Soaking?

Knauer, who was a part of the Mormon community church, said that young Mormons have engaged in the act for years. "While on my mission, I had several discussions with my fellow missionaries concerning sex in general. Some talked about soaking. Some would discuss that anal sex is also away to 'keep one's virginity," the resident of Oregon revealed, further adding that he personally never practised the act of soaking. "I was the sinner who actually finished the job," Knauer said.

Carah Burrell, 32, who is another ex-believer of the Mormon system, also confirmed the idea. However, he mentioned that they had never heard of anyone admitting to soaking.

"Soaking' makes its rounds every now and then and people are shocked and fall over in laughter. The thing is, I've never heard of a single person actually admit to doing it. It's always a friend of a friend or a rumor," Burrell, said.

"Mormons have very strict rules about touching over the clothes or under the clothes and no petting, so it's all very much against the law of chastity and would still require the man and woman to confess to their bishops to be able to become good standing members in the church. So it really just makes no sense. My take is that it's probably 99% rumor and joke and a handful of idiots try it," he further added.