What is Happening in the Skies? Group of White Orbs in Houston Skies Raises Eyebrows

This is for the second time in ten days that mysterious UFO lights are being spotted in the skies of Houston

UFO Houston
Mysterious lights that appeared in Houston skies YouTube: The Hidden Underbelly

A mysterious video that shows a group of white orbs hovering in the skies of Houston, Texas, is now one of the hottest debating topics among conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts. In the video, shot in dark skies, a group of glowing objects can be seen moving horizontally at a decent speed.

Mysterious UFOs Traveling in Formation

Interestingly, these unidentified flying objects (UFO) seem to fly in a diamond-shaped pattern, and at first glance, this sighting literally resembles a giant glowing kite moving across the skies.

"This was about 30-40 minutes after sunset. The sky had clouds, but not too many. I didn't observe any sounds coming from the objects. If you look closely at the first few seconds of the video you will see several lights clustered together (not in a singular line). I'm sharing this for the sake of sharing. Has anybody else seen anything similar?" said Lee Wutang, the eyewitness.

The video was later shared by conspiracy theory YouTube channel, The Hidden Underbelly. After watching the video, viewers of this conspiracy theory channel also put forward their theories to explain this weird UFO sighting.

Most of the viewers argued that these flying objects could be a fleet of alien space ships that visited the earth from deep space. However, skeptics claim that these flying objects could be Elon Musk's Starlink satellite cluster.

Second UFO Sighting in Houston within Ten Days

This is for the second time that mysterious flying objects are being spotted in the skies of Houston. A few days back, several sightings of mysterious lights in skies were reported in Houston, and these lights flashed repeatedly before disappearing.

Even though some of the logical explanations behind these sightings drones, Chinese lanterns, or aircraft, conspiracy theorists strongly argue that these UFOs are irrefutable proof of alien existence.

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