Mysterious Lights Take Over Houston Skies, Military Helicopters Scrambled [VIDEOS]

Several sightings of mysterious lights were reported across Houston, Texas, on Wednesday. The strange light flashed repeatedly before disappearing.

Several Houston residents captured video footage of a string of mysterious lights hovering in the sky in a strange formation. The lights, which were witnessed on Wednesday night, flashed repeatedly before disappearing from sight.

Several residents, including Kristan Mire, recorded the unusual sighting on her cellphone before uploading it to Facebook looking for an explanation. In Mire's clip, the lights can be seen flickering in the sky, in a triangle formation before vanishing into thin air.

Mysterious lights over Houston
A still from video footage of the mysterious lights shared by Houston residents. Kristan Mire / Facebook

"Can anyone explain to me what this is?" she captioned the clip. "I walked outside my backyard and seen these lights. They literally just disappeared in front of my eyes!"

Mire noted that although her camera did not pick it up, the huge red lights remained stationary while the little lights, which are not visible in the footage, "zig zagged around" before attaching themselves to the bigger lights.

Drones, Airplanes or Lanterns?

While some of the logical explanations behind the mysterious lights were drones, Chinese lanterns, or aircraft, Mire dismissed the theories by saying that they could not have been drones because a friend of hers, who lives 30 minutes away, witnessed the exact same thing at the same time as her.

Mire also debunked the airplane or military exercise theory as the bigger lights appeared to collect the smaller lights before disappearing. Additionally, she ruled out the possibility of them being Chinese lanterns as some of the lights were motionless in the sky and the lights were "too bright" and "too big and high up in the sky."

Military Helicopters Scrambled

Many other residents shared video footage of the strange lights with one user claiming that the lights were also seen in Sugarland, which is about 20 miles away from Houston and military helicopters were also dispatched, presumably to investigate the strange lights.

This isn't the first time the lights have been seen in Houston this year. Similar sightings were reported earlier this year and shared on social media.

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