What is Gemini? Will Google's New, Powerful Large Language Model Outperform ChatGPT and BingAI?

Several other AI related announcements made including "Help Me Write" tool for Gmail

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai opened the annual event Google IO on Wednesday, introducing the latest products of the company including new phones, software, upgrades, technology, and other advancements from the company. Google I/O is an abbreviation for Input/Output, and the company's motto is "Innovation in the Open."

google annual event

As expected, he made several exciting announcements on the tech giant's behalf including Google Pixel Fold, Pixel Tablet, Pixel 7a, Android 14, and a whole lot more. With Google Fold, Google entered the foldable smartphone market. Many AI announcements are made, but the one which caught my attention is the forthcoming release of Gemini, a new large language model.

While Google already offers Bard, Gemini's unique capabilities are projected to beat ChatGPT and BingAI.

The new model is still under training but has got promising multimodal capabilities that outshine all previous models. Once fine-tuned and rigorously tested for safety, Gemini will be available in various sizes and capabilities.

While ChatGPT is text only model Gemini can generate text, code, and images. This makes it far more advanced than ChatGPT. For example, Gemini could be used to create a new type of AI-powered chatbot that could understand and respond to both text and images. Similarly, Bing has a separate link for image creation but within the chatbox, you cannot ask the AI chatbot to create images, so it also sticks to text-only.

Gemini might be utilized to power a new generation of Google Search or to develop a new sort of AI-powered virtual assistant. All of these functionalities are lacking in ChatGPT and BingAI. However, the GPT 5 language model has the potential to make ChatGPT and other chatbots built on it smarter, but this will take time to implement.

Besides Gemini, Pichai also made the announcement about Gmail's new "Help Me Write" tool, Google's Immersive Map View, and Magic Editor for Google Photos to name a few.