What is Crypto Trading Bot? GTA's Hybrid AI Trading Software Helps Crypto Traders Make Profits Between 2% to 36%, Minimize Risks

GTA's hybrid AI trading software helps crypto traders maximize profits between 2% to 36%.

A trading bot is an automated computer program that is designed to run specific tasks with minimal human assistance. And a crypto trading bot in the world of trading cryptocurrencies do the work of trading one or multiple cryptocurrencies on one or multiple crypto exchange platforms automatically on behalf of the trader.

In 1949 Richard Donchian introduced the concept of automated trading system when he used a set of rules to buy and sell funds. Later, in the 1980s, this concept of rule-based trading became more popular after famous traders began using such strategies.

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Best crypto trading bots can make profits and they are considered profitable for as long as one configures them properly, otherwise they could also make losses. However, beginners looking for crypto investment tips should avoid using trading bots. So, traders should chose the best crypto trading bot in the market so that they don't lose their hard earned money.

How to use GTA's GTAI system?

According to Galaxy Trading Analytics (GTA), a British Virgin Islands based Fintech company, crypto traders can utilize the GTAI system (World's First Hybrid AI Trading + Arbitrage Software Bot) by entering their API Key on the crypto exchange.

The only thing traders need to do is set perimeters of the AI BOT and let the Bot do its work. GTA claims that traders' monthly estimated gains could be between 2% to 36% depending on crypto market conditions.

Cryptocurrency trading has high-risks involved and more traders lose money than don't. But, GTA's new trading bot can help beginners or new traders with risk management. All they need to do is to fund into the wallet app to let the AI Bots work for them.

Profitable Even in Bear, Bull or Violate Market Conditions

"Higher leverage using liquidity pools means higher and more consistent profits by more powerful AI bot," according to GTA website, which also reveals, "Unlike traditional arbitrage bots that only deploy triangular arbitrage, GTAI deploys 4 trading strategies, making it more stable and profitable even in bear, bull or violate market conditions.

Galaxy Trading Analytics (GTA)

Established in 2022, Galaxy Trading Analytics (GTA) is a leading regulated Fintech company based in the British Virgin Islands, as well as Canada with teams operating all over the globe. GTA manages and maximizes its clients' assets via Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, GTAI system, and a user-friendly mobile app, giving them the best yield in the crypto markets with minimal risks.

This article was first published on March 23, 2022
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