West is Fueling Up Third World War By Arming Ukraine to Teeth, Says Belarus President Lukashenko

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has cautioned against international efforts of reinforcing Ukraine's security as that could lead to a full blown Third World War. As an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Belarusian president has been actively involved in negotiations to resolve the conflict in Ukraine.

According to Belta, a Belarusian state media outlet, Lukashenko warned against the possible scenario in a letter to UN Secretary General António Guterres, wherein he mentioned a few approaches that the international community could be mindful of to avoid further escalation of the war.

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Lukashenko and Putin Twitter

The United States supplied thousands of weapons to Ukraine that included Stingers, Javelins and howitzers. Recently the Senate also approved a $40 billion aid package. These actions are believed to have prompted Lukashenko to address the role of foreign aid in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict.

Even though majority of European nations have condemned the Russian invasion, Belarus always avoided taking a side and has only once spoken about the 'special operation being dragged on'

The translated version of his letter was released on Monday, which detailed his suggestions to the international community, some of them included the discontinuation of аrms supply and information warfare, prohibition of hate speech in the media and promotion racism and discrimination on the basis of 'national, cultural, linguistic, and religious аffiliаtion, 'and finally to put a stop on legalizing the deployment of mercenaries.

UN Secretary General António Guterres
UN Secretary General António Guterres Wikimedia Commons

Highlighting the UN's role in the war, Lukashenko stated that the intergovernmental organization should only focus on peacekeeping. Targeting the West, he added further that due to their neglectful 'handling of Russia', the Western leaders are to blame for the invasion, as per Ceng News.

"The unwillingness of Western countries to work together to strengthen unified and indivisible security, as well as their disregard for legitimate interests and disregard for the concerns of other partners, particularly Russia," he wrote, "first resulted in trade, economic, and information wars, and then provoked а heated conflict on the territory of Ukraine."

This is not the first time a possibility of World War III has been mentioned by Russia and its allies since the invasion in late February. With accusations of NATO waging a proxy war against Russia, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lаvrov had warned against a "serious" risk of global conflict, last month, claiming that any kind of military aid supplied to Ukraine is escalating the war.