Wendy's Manager on 'Powertrip' Fired After Female Employee Films Him Calling Her a 'B*tch' in Viral Video

The employee said she was suspended without pay after she reported the hostile work environment to higher management.

A Wendy's manager has been fired after an employee said she was suspended without pay after she filmed her manager verbally abusing her in a video that has gone viral on social media.

Sophia Cargill from Kalamazoo, Michigan, posted the video on TikTok and Instagram under the handle @mon3adatmac to report her hostile work environment and is now planning to take legal action.

'I'll Call You a B*tch If I Want to'

Sophia Cargill
Stills from the video shared by Sophia Cargill on social media. Instagram

The clip starts off with the man yelling at Cargill over something about cleaning before calling her the B-word. The other employees can be heard expressing their disbelief as Cargill tells the man, whom she refers to as Mike, that she got him on camera cussing her out.

"Guess what, Mike?! That's the end of the road," Cargill says to the manager.

"No, it's not," Mike responds. "I'll call you a b*tch if I want to."

Mike then objects to Cargill filming her. "You have no permission to record me," he tells her. Cargill then says Mike has been screaming at her for "five minutes straight" and that he was on a "powertrip."

"You're f*cking lazy," Mike continues her verbal assault. "You're supposed to help staff not delegate." The video ends with Cargill and Mike arguing about cleaning the frosty machine as he calls her a " f*cking communist little f*cking b*tch." Watch the video below:

Cargill Sets Up GoFundMe Page, Manager Fired,

In the wake of the incident, Cargill set up a GoFundMe page saying she was the general manager in training and Mike was the assistant manager who did not want her to become the general manager and that is why made things difficult for her.

Cargill said she was suspended without pay for reporting the hostile work environment and was raising funds to help pay her monthly bills as she wasn't sure of returning to Wendy's and was planning on taking legal action. The page has already amassed close to $11,000 in donations.

In a follow-up video, Cargill confirmed that Mike had been fired from the job and the area manager asked her to return on Monday. However, she said she was upset because she used Wendy's open door policy to report her mistreatment by another manager and was retaliated against by the fast-food chain's higher management.