Reptilian aliens
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Space agencies like NASA and ESA have been searching for aliens on distant planets for the past several years, but until now, humans have not succeeded in making that crucial first contact, which could revolutionize the entire course of planet Earth. Until now, the search for extraterrestrials was confined to planets, but a new study has suggested that humans should think out of the box, as unique life forms could be thriving in the core of stars.

Aliens Similar to Extremophiles

Scientists have previously found that extremophiles are capable of surviving the harsh atmospheres, here on planet Earth. According to the new research, there could be similar alien beings, and they could be living in the fireballs that are lighting up the cosmos.

The new study report published in the journal Letters in High Energy Physics revealed that cosmic strings of DNA and RNA could form in the core of a star, and could later evolve as basic forms of life.

"Information stored in the RNA (or DNA) encodes the mechanism of self-replication. Its emergence must have been preceded by the massive formation of random RNA sequences until a sequence was formed capable of self-replication. We believe that a similar process would occur with necklaces in a star, leading to a stationary process of self-replication," said Eugene Chudnovsky, a physicist at the City University of New York, Science Alert reports.

Aliens That Could Travel Through Cosmos with Ease

Scientists believe that this basic form of life, in the course of time, will evolve, and may become intelligent alien species. According to Chudnovsky, these species could evolve so fast, and it may allow them to travel across the cosmos with ease.

"Since they would be evolving very fast, they could find a way to explore the cosmos beyond their star, as we have done. They could establish communication and travel between stars. Maybe we should look for their presence in space," added Chudnovsky.

It was around a few weeks back that Dr Jim Green, a chief NASA scientist had predicted the possibility of discovering alien life on Mars within 2021. However, Green also made it clear that humanity is not ready to accept the realities surrounding extraterrestrial existence.