Weird 2017: Nibiru tops the list of this year's strange news

Weird 2017
Weird 2017 Pixabay

2017 had its share of weird news and the list seems endless. This was the year of conspiracy theories. From Nibiru to Flat Earth and to a much failed Hulk lookalike, here's to wrapping up a quirky and a crazy year. Check out the list of 10 weird news of 2017 that topped the charts.

Monstrous planet Nibiru


The invisible planet Nibiru or Planet X topped the charts this year with speculations of a possible doomsday for which this planet might be responsible. Predictions of the same shifted from September 23, 2017, to October 7, 2017. According to David Meade, the self-proclaimed Christian numerologist, the planet is present in the solar system and might any day reach close to the Earth. The world is apparently going through a tribulation period and he further stated that earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters in the next seven years will put an end to this world. The basic concept suggests that Earth will be hit by a giant planetary object that will make human civilization extinct. Conspiracy theorist Matt Rogers openly stated that Nibiru is real. NASA completely denied the existence of such a planet. Nibiru became one of the most searched keywords on Google.

When people claimed Earth to be 'Flat'

Flat earth conference
Flat earth Screengrab from YouTube

2017 was in for another shocker when 'Flat Earth Society' claimed the earth to be flat and not around. Within seconds the news went viral over the internet and former England Captain Andrew Flintoff openly proclaimed that he believes the earth to be flat. The hard work and diligence of the ancient Greeks and Galileo went down the drain with well-read people publicly denying the heliocentric model of the universe. Hundreds attended the Flat Earth International Conference (FEIC) of 2017. People arrived in North Carolina from places as far as Pennsylvania. Ticket prices went up for $144 to $150. Flat-earthers believe that the surface of the planet is surrounded by an icy wall (Antarctica) which stops us from crossing it and tumbling into whatever exists beyond. Mark Sargent, a professional gamer turned software trainer turned flat-earther, has around 43,414 followers on YouTube. Interestingly, these flat-earthers believe the sun to be small and closer in proximity to earth.

When a child was born from a frozen embryo for over 24 years

Newborn Baby
Newborn Baby - Representational Picture Reuters

This year has to be the year of medical miracles. A 26-year-old Tina Gibson from the US successfully gave birth to a baby girl from a donated embryo which was frozen for 24-years. The embryo was frozen on October 14, 1992. What is really weird is that the age difference between the mother (Tina) and the baby born from the frozen embryo is one year.

When panda poop transformed to toilet paper

A giant panda on a 10-year loan from China is seen during a welcoming ceremony at Soekarno Hatta airport in Tangerang, Indonesia, September 28, 2017.

Recycling items is the sole possible way to help with the sustenance of life and a Chinese firm left the netizens in awe after they decided to even recycle panda poop to toilet paper. The Chinese firm Qianwei Fengsheng Paper collaborated with the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda to recycle the animal's faeces into toilet paper and napkins. The companies are determined to make use of the rich in fiber and fructose bamboo-poo.

Sperm becomes the future of cancer treatment


Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Material Research in Dresden, Germany proved that sperm cells might be helpful in the treatment of cancer patients. The team successfully made use of bull sperm to deliver chemotherapy in bulls and further stated that the drug-soaked in sperm can reduce cancer cells by 90% in three days. A medical marvel indeed!

When a monkey and a deer were caught in the act

Monkey Deer
YouTube Screenshot

A monkey and deer's sexual act in the Meiji Memorial Forest, Japan amused researchers across the world who are now studying the instinct of animals which leads them to mate outside their own species. The video of the male macaque engaged in a sexual act with a female deer immediately went viral on the internet.

The tale of a mutant family who cannot feel any pain

Mutant Family
Mutant Family from Italy Pixabay

Comic superheroes came back to life when an Italian family proclaimed that they cannot feel any pain despite being injured during sports or serious burns. This is, however, a serious medical condition which is also known as 'Congenital insensitivity to pain'. The news created an uproar among youngsters and elders alike. Wolverine and Deadpool came to life for all of us.

When a man injured his bowel with a sex toy

sex toy
Sex dolls are piled up at a factory in China, he leading manufacturer of sex toys (Representational Image) Reuters

Another weird incident occurred in Lincolnshire when a 53-year-old man, under the influence of alcohol, injured his bowel after he penetrated a 30-inch long sex toy into his anus. Well, his trial of sexually satisfying himself went in vain for of course he ended up in the hospital for nine days.

The mysterious gene called THOR

This is a conceptual image of Thor's hammer.
This is a conceptual image of Thor's hammer. Ella Maru Studio, Inc. and Yashar Niknafs/ Eurekalert

Researchers from University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Centre discovered a mysterious gene called 'Thor' which has been found in mice and zebrafish. This cell can prevent tumour growth and can protect humankind from life-threatening diseases. The God of Asgard finally surfaced as the saviour.

The real-life Captain America

Kirill Tereshin
Kirill Tereshin s_1_a_c_k_3_p/ Instagram

From being weird to weirder, 2017 was all about strange news. After Josiah Zayner who edited his own DNA with the CRISPR tool to look like Captain America, Kirill Tereshin from Russia tried his best to look like Hulk but failed miserably. He injected a homemade muscle-building brew to his body now has weirdly modified muscles, unnatural biceps and looks like the worst nightmare out of one's dreams.

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