Wedding Impossible Episode 6 Recap, Review, Reactions; Episode 7 Spoilers

Wedding Impossible episode 6 aired on tvN on Tuesday (March 12) at 8:50 pm KST. It followed Lee Ji Han and Na Ah Jung when they developed romantic feelings. The sixth episode also teased a love triangle between the onscreen couple and Yoon Chae Won. People in Korea watched the mini-series on TV or streamed it on various online streaming platforms.

K-drama fans from other parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, Mexico, Denmark, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, Greenland, Hong Kong, China, Japan, New Zealand, UAE, Singapore, Turkey, and South Africa, watch the mini-series with subtitles on various online streaming platforms, including Viki.

The sixth episode of Wedding Impossible focussed on the relationship between Lee Ji Han and Na Ah Jung. It began with a flash-forward scene featuring the male lead seeking help from different deities to forget everything about the female lead. After their trip to the funeral house, Ji Han realized he had fallen in love with his future sister-in-law.

Since Ji Han did not want to complicate things, he decided to engage himself to forget about his crush. The sudden change in behavior of her brother-in-law confused the female lead. She became curious to know he was acting strange around her. Ah Jung appeared in front of Ji Han multiple times. But he ignored her, thinking that it would help him recover faster.

Wedding Impossible
Wedding Impossible poster. Twitter/tvN

The Wedding Plans

In the meantime, Do Han and other family members were busy planning the wedding. The families gathered at Mr. Hyun's house and enjoyed a meal while discussing the wedding. Although Ji Han initially refused to attend the family meeting, he played a vital role during the event.

Ji Han supported Ah Jung in front of the entire family. She felt happy and decided to thank him for that. After the meeting, the female lead called her future brother-in-law for a quick chat. She asked him why he supported her. Ji Han said he did it to help his brother. It has nothing to do with her. He will accept her as his sister-in-law.

The Love Triangle

Ji Han and Ah Jung started developing feelings for one another this week. Although they never confessed to anyone, people around them already knew about it. Thanks to reporter Kang Ik Jun and the step-sister of Ji Han and Do Han, Chae Won was suspicious about their relationship.

Chae Won spent some quality time with Ji Han and helped him feel better when he was struggling to make a decision. She also confessed her feelings to him. It remains to be seen how this love triangle will end.

Wedding Impossible
Wedding Impossible poster Twitter/tvN

Reviews and Reactions

Ji Han is cold to Ah Jeong for forcing her to leave him alone. Somehow, it is sad to see him ignoring and behaving rudely to make her leave him alone. Boy, you are hurting yourself and her too.

Ji Han gave his acceptance and wished Ah Jeong happiness with his brother and left heartbroken. It is sad to see -- both have feelings -- but still don't try to speak. I'm crying. Please don't do this to me.

It's giving me walking away from 'HER' wedding vibes. Honestly, I am sure I won't be selfish to love it, seeing him miserable in love- that's what he needed to get back to his senses. It is the cliche I love.

The ending broke me. Ji Han said that he'd support Do Han with that smile on his face & left the place like that. He suppressed his feelings for his brother's sake. Well, where to get Lee Ji Han?

Ji Han genuinely cannot fathom the possibility of Ah Jeong ever loving him. It's not just about his loyalty to Do Ha, his brother; it's an intrinsic disbelief in the worthiness of such affection.

The next episode is going to be fun. Ah Jeong's sister will know about the contract. The chapter will show Ah Jeong and Ji Han's cute moments and ask him if he's okay with her marrying his brother. Ah Jeong In a wedding dress-- I'm excited.

Wedding Impossible Episode 7 Spoilers

The preview for the seventh episode teased wedding bells for Ah Jung and Do Han. It also teased troubled moments for Do Han and Ah Jung. The clip shows the female lead's sister finding out about their contract marriage. Episode 7 will also feature some fun moments between Ji Han and Ah Jung.