Wedding ceremony continues amid Taal volcano eruption in the background

The beautiful pictures that were captured has garnered around 6,000 shares overnight

The once in a lifetime photos of a couple getting married in the Philippines has garnered several shares overnight. The reason behind the attention was that their pictures had the Taal volcano right behind them, erupting. The wedding happened over the weekend when the volcano continued to show signs of eruption and the government had to issue warnings for safety and evacuation purposes.

The mind-blowing pictures of the ceremony were taken by Rudolf Evan. Despite knowing that there could be a possible eruption 37 miles away from them, Chino Vaflor and Kat Bautista Palomar decided to go ahead with their nuptials on Sunday.

Wedding during Taal Volcano
Wedding during the Taal Volcano in Philippines has raised several shares and tweets following the picture being posted on Monday Facebook post by Savanna Farm Tagaytay by Solange

Evacuation and safety is still underway

The country has evacuated several from the radius to protect people from the possible volcano tsunami and eruption that continue to threaten the country. The Taal was showing signs of another episode of eruptive behaviour when the ceremony began. It was belching ash and peddles, kilometres into the sky.

People continue to comment and appreciate the beauty of the pictures captured by Rudolf. The images showed the volcano brewing behind them bringing clouds and thunder into the picture. The nature looked angry while the beautiful ceremony happened in front of it.

The venue for the wedding was set around 10 kilometres away from the volcano and authorities changed the warning levels to the second-highest degree later on Sunday evening. The guests continued to share pictures of the event on social media after the event ended with the after-party under a marque. The pictures showed that the volcano was in close vicinity but the guests enjoyed the evening without any fear.

Ash continued to rain on the wedding but guests didn't feel like it was harmful till it was night time.

Mayon Volcano wedding

During Arlo De La Cruz and Maica Nicerio wedding in 2018, the Mayon volcano was showing activity. Photographer Franklyn Nebreja posted a beautiful picture of the ceremony where the couple were just 12 kilometres away from the volcano. The romantic picture had also garnered several comments and likes because of the destructive beauty in the background.

This article was first published on January 14, 2020